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Welcome to Group 1 Nissan

With Nissan showrooms in Kuils River, Stellenbosch and Uitenhage, and with a New Car Delivery Service Nationwide, we at Group 1 are here to ensure that your vehicle needs are satisfied first time, every time. Sports Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Crossover Vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles, we have them all, contact us today to organise a test drive.

Did you know? We also have used Nissan vehicles and other pre-owned vehicle brands available at our showrooms in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape! There is also a dedicated Group 1 pre-owned vehicle dealership in Port Elizabeth.

What Makes Us Different

Once you have experienced the pre and after-sales service at one of our showrooms, you’ll know why we are one of biggest selling Nissan dealerships in the country. But that is not the only reason that we stand out from the other dealerships, because we are also:

  • An awards winning Nissan service provider
  • 1 of only 15 Megadealers in the country
  • Part of the Nissan Emergency Services program
  • Have multiple showrooms in the Western and Eastern Cape
  • Provide vehicle sales and deliveries anywhere in SA
  • One of South Africa’s top Nissan pricing and promotions specialists
  • Always available for you on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • A leading source of breaking Nissan news in South Africa

Test Drive the Car of Your Dreams

No matter if you are a fleet manager looking for a commercial vehicle or a first time car buyer wanting to buy that perfect first car, we at Group 1 have the right priced vehicle for you.

Fancy test driving a famous Nissan Crossover? Take your pick from the Nissan Juke, the Nissan Qashqai or the Nissan X-trail. Looking for economy, safety and family-friendly? Try out the Nissan Micra, Nissan Almera, Nissan Sentra or even the Datsun GO. More the ‘bakkie-lover’ or tackling the country roads? Don’t miss out on the Nissan NP200, Nissan NP300, Nissan Navara, or the Nissan Patrol and lastly, but not least, any business needs Nissan support in the form of our Nissan NV200 range or Nissan NV350’s.

Simply call us today or Request a Test Drive online. We are looking forward to helping you drive off in a Nissan perfect for you!

Watch Our Latest Videos

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