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Welcome to the Group 1 Nissan blog. This is where you can read personal opinions about any new vehicle releases, see reviews on various models, download free product brochures and gather any other worthwhile information regarding Nissan cars, bakkies, SUV’s and commercial vehicles.

The Nissan NP200 – The Champion of Fleet Vehicles!

Posted by on 09 Feb 2017 under Nissan NP200

Nissan NP200 – The perfect fleet vehicle

What epitomises the perfect fleet vehicle? Is it affordability and versatility? Or maybe it is how tough the vehicle is is? In our opinion it is all of these things (and a whole lot more), which is why we think that Nissan has created the perfect fleet vehicle in the NP200 pickup. But don’t simply take our word for it at face value, and let’s take a look at exactly what it is that makes us think the NP200 Bakkie is the perfect addition to your fleet…

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Off-roading with the Nissan Cargo X Project Van

Posted by on 08 Feb 2017 under Nissan Concept, Nissan NV200

Nissan, in conjunction with Ian Johnson, who is the host of the American television show Xtreme Off-Road, have taken their standard Nissan Cargo van (the South African equivalent of which is the Nissan NV200) and supersized it. They have created a once off project van that puts the X in xtreme. While the Nissan Cargo X is not set to be put into mass production, it does show the huge potential of the Nissan Cargo as the ultimate commercial vehicle.

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Nissan Launches Driverless Cars in London

Posted by on 20 Jan 2017 under Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan will be testing autonomous vehicles in London

The idea of cars that drive themselves conjures up scenes from sci-fi movies, futuristic novels and far fetched cartoons. Or at least it did. Over recent years there has been a lot in the news about car manufacturers who are pushing the envelope, embracing technology and forging into the future with self driving technology and at the forefront of this revolution is Nissan.

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Driving Force Behind a New Global Vehicle Giant

Posted by on 17 Jan 2017 under General

Charles Ghosn, Nissan CEO

Charles Ghosn (CEO and chairman of Nissan as well as Renault) recently added the Japanese automotive giant, Mitsubishi Motors, to his keychain. This comes after Nissan purchased a $2.3bn slice of Mitsubishi Motors in October of 2016, saving Mitsubishi from what might otherwise have been a reported annual loss, following the fallout of a fuel-economy scandal. Ghosn talked shareholders through a host of proposed reforms and was promptly installed behind the wheel of the Mitsubishi Motors chairmanship.

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The Ultimate Nissan Intelligent Integration

Posted by on 12 Jan 2017 under General, Nissan Intelligent Mobility

When people talk about artificial intelligence we more often than not think of some of the world’s greatest sci fi movies, TV series and books. However, this science fiction is fast becoming science fact thanks to companies such as Nissan who are using technology to create vehicles that are able to think for themselves and make the road a safer place. Unfortunately we are not just yet at the point where smarter more responsive cars can handle all unexpected road situations, however that might be about to change thanks to Nissan’s Seamless Autonomous Mobility System or SAM.

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Towed into the Future

Posted by on 11 Jan 2017 under General, Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan has long been one of the few automotive giants to fix their gaze firmly on the future. While other manufacturers debate whether or not to add racing stripes or a fifth wheel, Nissan looks at the more fundamental role of the car as a societal tool and predicts how it (and our needs) will evolve. Their electric prodigy, the Nissan Leaf, seems to be in the vanguard of many of these futuristic endeavours. That is certainly true of their Intelligent Vehicle Towing project (IVT), implemented at their Oppama Plant in Japan.

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Digital Car Sharing

Posted by on 22 Dec 2016 under General, Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Digital Car Sharing

Yes, it’s exactly as weird as it sounds. No, it has nothing to do with Facebook or Pokémon GO. It’s a real car. That you drive. Because you own it – along with a bunch of other people. The car. Not the people. Confused yet? Let us explain…

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The Nissan Juke: Still Going Strong

Posted by on 22 Dec 2016 under Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke

It has been said before. The Nissan Juke has a superpower. It has the unique ability to polarize a room. When it comes to this weird and wonderful car, it’s either love- or loathing at first sight. Nissan, being the collection of rocket-surgeons that they are, obviously know not to fix something that isn’t broken. Which is why the Juke has remained not only on our market but has also remained relatively unchanged in form since its first launch in October of 2011. This is the best indicator that South Africa comes down on the side of lov’it! not loathe it.

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2017 Nissan Navara – First Impressions

Posted by on 15 Dec 2016 under Nissan Navara

The 2017 Nissan Navara

We’ve had the chance to put the newly redesigned 2017 Nissan Navara through its paces and we are more impressed than ever with what the Nissan engineers have been able to achieve. Specced to the hilt and built to provide what we think is the most comfortable off road experience we’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying, this is the bakkie that other South African automotive manufacturers will aspire to build. But why is this? Let’s take a look at what is underneath this beast of a bakkie’s skin…

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Chill Out in the NP200 ICE Half-Tonne Bakkie

Posted by on 12 Dec 2016 under Nissan NP200

Nissan NP200 – ICE Special Edition

If you’re the type of person who likes to work hard and play hard, then we have just the vehicle for you – The Nissan NP200 ICE Special Edition! Combining the well-known go-anywhere ruggedness of Nissan bakkies and the devastatingly good looks of a limited edition redesign, this is the half-tonne bakkie with a whole lot of heart and a multitude of attitude.

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