The Pros And Pros Of Servicing Your Datsun Regularly

Posted by on 15 May 2020 under Car Tips, Datsun, Datsun GO, Datsun GO Lux, Datsun GO Mid, Datsun GO Panel Van, Datsun Service

Datsun Service

Servicing Your Datsun Regularly Has Great Benefits

“Nice wheels,” the ouk with the cash said. “But what happened between 30 – 60 000km?” He then offers you half the asking price.

Nothing cuts your car’s resale value as much as a missed service. Except maybe a flash flood. Yet people hate spending money or even time on servicing their cars. A service is a grudge expense. But why? Think about it.

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The Datsun Peace of Mind Drive

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Datsun GO

Datsun GO

The Datsun GO is already seen as one of the best entry-level cars in South Africa thanks to its price and reliability, but now Datsun South Africa have truly put their money where their mouth is and upped the Standard 3-year/100,000km warranty to an AMAZING 6 years/150,000km. This has effectively doubled the amount of time that any New Datsun Driver can enjoy hassle-free (not to mention care-free) driving!

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3 Reasons To Regularly Service Your Datsun GO

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Datsun GO Service

Here Is Why It’s Important To Service Your Datsun GO

The Group 1 Datsun Service Centres in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Johannesburg, Uitenhage, and Port Elizabeth provide some of the most comprehensive vehicle servicing, repair and maintenance options available for the Datsun brand in South Africa. But why is it that regularly servicing your vehicle is so important? For us here at Group 1 there are 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Service Your Datsun Regularly:

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