Nissan Xmotion Concept SUV Makes A Bold Statement

Posted by on 25 Jan 2018 under Nissan Concept

The New Nissan Xmotion Concept

The New Nissan Xmotion Concept

The North American International Auto Show was host to the unveiling of the Nissan Xmotion concept SUV (pronounced “cross-motion”). Nissan, once again, walked away with the prestigious “Innovative Use of Color, Graphics or Materials” award. It’s the second consecutive time they won this award following in the footsteps of the Vmotion 2.0 concept.

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Nissan Celebrates an Electric 70 Years at the Festival of Speed

Posted by on 21 Jul 2017 under Nissan Concept, Nissan News

Every summer, since 1993, Lord and Lady March open up their English country estate in West Sussex, Goodwood House, to petrol heads, speed demons and racing car fundis. What started off as a small gathering over twenty years ago is now an internationally acclaimed event that sells out year after year. Lord March has grown and developed the Festival of Speed over time, and his hands-on approach is a huge contributing factor to its success. His ongoing commitment to growing the Festival of Speed has resulted in participation and support from a wide sector of the motoring community.

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Off-roading with the Nissan Cargo X Project Van

Posted by on 08 Feb 2017 under Nissan Concept, Nissan NV200

Nissan, in conjunction with Ian Johnson, who is the host of the American television show Xtreme Off-Road, have taken their standard Nissan Cargo van (the South African equivalent of which is the Nissan NV200) and supersized it. They have created a once off project van that puts the X in xtreme. While the Nissan Cargo X is not set to be put into mass production, it does show the huge potential of the Nissan Cargo as the ultimate commercial vehicle.

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Nissan BladeGlider – From Fantasy to Reality!

Posted by on 26 Aug 2016 under Nissan Concept

What was once purely a Nissan design teams fantasy that was unveiled back in 2013 has become an automotive reality that could change the way we drive forever. Say hello to the fully-functional advanced Nissan BladeGlider prototype!

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Meet the Great Dream Sedan that Nissan Won’t Let You Have

Posted by on 14 Apr 2015 under Nissan Concept

It seems as though the Nissan hits just keep coming with the unveiling of the brand new 2016 Nissan Lannia being unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show. This all new midsize sedan represents a milestone in Nissan’s plan to capture the hearts and minds of millions of the growing youth generation in China.

Met The Great Dream Sedan That Nissan Won’t Let You Have

The Nissan Lannia was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show

Nissan has proudly stated that the new 2016 Nissan Lannia is the first Nissan vehicle that has been specifically developed for the Chinese youth market by Chinese designers and driving enthusiasts. Nissan sees the youth of China as a new generation of trendsetters and technological natives who have grown up in a world of fast paced advances and uncompromising and unique style. By specifically created a vehicle that responds directly to their needs Nissan is hoping to continue to inspire a whole new generation of Nissan lovers. The youth market in China is growing in number and in spending power and by plugging into their desires and aspirations, Nissan is hoping to expand their market share in the hotly contested Chinese market.

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Get Swayed: Nissan’s New Concept Car Will Change Everything

Posted by on 31 Mar 2015 under Nissan Concept

By now most people are used to the stunning designs that seem to keep pouring out from Nissan’s design studios, but even the most hardened sceptic took a deep breath of amazement when Nissan unveiled their latest game changer at the Geneva Show earlier this month. Meet the Nissan Sway, the compact car that is going to change the entire segment.

The Nissan Sway - A New Concept Car From Nissan

The Nissan Sway – A New Concept Car From Nissan

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Meet Sparky – Nissan’s Slick Shop Car

Posted by on 19 Sep 2014 under Nissan Concept

You can well imagine that if you are responsible for designing vehicles, you will start getting attached to your creations, just like a painter feels about his or her painting, or parents feel about their children. It is after all the manifestation of the design engineer’s imagination and vision. Well this is how Nissan’s Roland Schellenberg and Arnold Moulinet feel about Sparky, their Leaf-cross-Frontier which is functioning as a shop delivery car.

Meet Sparky - Nissan’s Slick Shop Car

Meet Sparky – Nissan’s Slick Shop Car

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Geneva 2014: Nissan’s Best and Brightest

Posted by on 22 Apr 2014 under General, Nissan Concept, Nissan NV200, Nissan Qashqai

This year’s Nissan’s offerings at the 85th Geneva Motor Show have highlighted some of the best innovation from Nissan and if this is where Nissan is planning to go in the next decade, we are in for an exciting time with electric cars, revolutionary performance cars and the domination of the crossover.

The most beautiful backside:  GT-R NISMO


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Nissan Concept Cars: Coming Soon?

Posted by on 22 Jan 2014 under Nissan Concept

The Detroit Auto show is always a big deal in the car industry and this year was no exception with Nissan formally unveiling three concept cars that are expected to more than likely go into production.

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The IDx: Nissan’s New Pocket Rocket?

Posted by on 15 Jan 2014 under Nissan Concept, Nissan IDx

“The way people are buying cars is changing. A choice of colors and matching wheels is no longer enough. In a society where cars are purchased as a reflection – and enabler – of a driver’s lifestyle, the way future models are designed needs to be revolutionized.” These are the words behind the revolutionary new Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO concept cars.


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