NISMO Heritage Parts – Keeping Older Nissans Going

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Dual-side dieless formed part being inspected'

Nissan makes a plan to make more parts for their discontinued cars

The two orange robot woodpeckers pecked the sheet of metal with machinegun speed from both sides, a choreographed ballet of ballistic hammering. Within minutes the flat metal was fully formed into a rear panel for an R32 Skyline GT-R, a collector’s car no longer in production.

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A Futuristic Car For The Future – Nissan GT-R (X) 2050

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2050 Nissan GT-R (X)

Nissan GT-R (X) Concept Car

“Do androids dream of electric sheep” was the 1968 book on which the movie Blade Runner was based. That title gives more than a hint of what is happening in the distant future.

We often write stories about future cars – a future like it is going to happen quite soon. Most of the time it is more a matter of combining one existing tech with another to find a solution to a problem that is not urgent but would be great to solve. An example is self-driving, which would be great to have, but whose absence will not stop you from getting to work.

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The Best Nissan Performance Cars Ever Made

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400Z Proto

Nissan 400Z Proto (Concept Car)

Nissan may not be the first car brand that springs to mind when it comes to sports cars but they’ve produced some of the finest under the brand’s umbrella, including Datsun and Infiniti. From the more recent R35 Nissan GT-R to the older Datsun 240Z and the Fairlady SR311, here is a list of the top Nissan performance cars starting with Datsun.

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Qashqai R – When Even A GT-R Is Not Powerful Enough

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Nissan GT-R Engine

Nissan’s GT-R Engine

The Nissan Qashqai has been called boring because it does everything it is supposed to do so well. No-fuss, no bother, just better than most in its class. The Qashqai is credited as the first family crossover, spacious, reliable, comfortable, affordable to buy and to run. So the good kind of boring.

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Nissan Navara-R: A GT-R With A Load-Bed

Posted by on 18 Jun 2020 under General, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Navara

Boredom and the means to alleviate it is a powerful combination. Imagine you have a workshop. There is a Nissan Navara bakkie. There is a spare GT-R engine just lying around. You are in England, so it’s raining. Nothing to do. You get the idea.

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Interesting Facts About The £1 Million Nissan GT-R50

Posted by on 28 May 2020 under Nissan GT-R, Nissan News

Nissan GT-R50

The Nissan GT-R50 By Italdesign

For a long time, the Nissan GT was a Japanese poster child and still largely unknown in other areas of the world. People were only able to get a mere glimpse of this high-performance, high-tech coupe in magazines or video games. Now, the company is manufacturing versions of their prototype Nissan GT-R50 that showed true grit at the Goodwood hill, Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.

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The Nissan GT-R50 Is A Limited Edition With No Limits

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Nissan GT-R50

Nissan’s 50th Anniversary GT-R

It looks mean. It has 530kW and 780 N.m. on tap It costs more than R16m. There will be only 50 ever made, but most of these have been snapped up in advance. It is the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign.

The final production model of this rare monster has been announced and will be on display at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2020. This production model closely matches the prototype version that stunned and surprised back in June 2018.

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Celebrating The Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition

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Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition

Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition

If there’s one car that needs no introduction it has to be the Nissan GT-R. Who can forget the “Godzilla” of performance cars when the Nissan GT-R appeared on the scene in the late 1980s? Car manufacturers stood in awe as it conquered all with stunning performance and looks to match even the biggest competitors. And that’s without even mentioning the Skyline GT-R models where it all began!

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Nissan Gives Support to the Gaming Community

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Nissan Gaming Chair

Nissan GT-R Nismo Inspired Gaming Chair

Nissan has published sketches of three concepts, each with five sets of double wheels but no engine, a high tech seat but no steering wheel, and allows you to race against the fastest without really moving much.

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2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO Shows Its Racing Pedigree

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If there is one place you’d want to experience true automotive engineering, it has to be Germany’s EuroSpeedway in Lausitz. This race track has it all and the perfect locale to put the new 2020 GT-R NISMO to the test.

While there are many worthy locations around the world, Germany seems ideal for drivers to seamlessly combine high-speed road and track experiences. And that is why Nissan chose to showcase the GT-R NISMO’s “absolute total racing performance.”

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