Electric Vehicles – Nissan’s Journey Into The Future

Posted by on 23 Jun 2021 under Nissan Electric Vehicles, Nissan Leaf, Nissan News

Nissan EV charging

Nissan is on an EV journey into the future

Electric vehicles are not new – it is just now, or at least the past ten-plus years – that they have become a thing. Here is a nostalgia trip for those a bit older, and a weird but interesting fact for the younger generations. In the old days, they used to deliver your milk to your door early in the morning – 4 – 5h o’clock. They did this using a milk float, a small electric trolley thing with a driver/delivery guy. You put your glass milk bottles next to the front door, with cash or plastic tokens them for what you wanted. The guy on the float would replace your empty bottles with fresh milk (and/or cream) according to the tokens you left with the empties. The reason the float was electric had nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with not waking up the milk company’s customers.

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How Recycled Nissan LEAF Batteries Are Used In Robots

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Humans and Robots work together at Nissan

Reused LEAF batteries power robots at Nissan

As more people are switching to electric power, a direct result is a growing need to recycle batteries and the Nissan LEAF is leading from the front. While electric vehicles are helping save our planet, the batteries within present a unique problem. According to studies, there could be more than 7 million tonnes of EV batteries that need recycling by 2040 so what is the best solution?

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The EV Revolution Is In Full Swing, With Nissan Leading

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Vehicle life-cycle

Nissan aims to be completely carbon neautral

Nissan has announced that all its new vehicles in key markets would be electrified by the early 2030s, as part of the company’s drive to carbon neutrality by 2050. This is part of a global trend, with Mercedes and Audi recently announcing that they have stopped the development of future internal combustion engines (ICE), and GM also jumping feet first into the fray. In the meantime, Britain has moved their ban on non-electric cars forward by five years to 2030.

Have they all gone mad? Why now? Why so suddenly?

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Nissan e-POWER Tech Can Charge EVs Without Plugging In

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Nissan NOTE

The Nissan NOTE is powered by Nissan e-POWER

The automotive giant is making headlines once more with its award-winning Nissan e-POWER technology. This proprietary innovation combines a fully electric motor with a petrol engine to charge the battery without having to plug it in.

Nissan e-POWER is derived from the all-new Nissan LEAF, which is the most successful mass-produced electric vehicle to date with Tesla Model 3 close behind. This innovative mass-market fully electric vehicle has sold nearly 500,000 units across the world and that number will only increase as the automotive sector introduces better technologies.

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Nissan’s Noise-Reducing Acoustic Meta-Material Wins Award

Posted by on 13 Jan 2021 under General, Nissan Ariya, Nissan Leaf, Nissan News

Nissan's Advanced Material Engineer with the meta-matrerial

Nissan’s Advanced Material Engineer, Susumu Miura, with the lightweight noise-reducing technology

A Nissan innovation known as acoustic meta-material has won an award from Popular Science in a category for best innovations in the automotive sector. Nissan’s noise-reducing material joins several leading companies showing off some of the world’s best car and automotive technologies. These include uniquely shaped airbags, a self-tinting see-through sun visor, fast chargers for electric vehicles and real cruise control on a motorcycle among others.

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What’s The Difference Between The Old And New Nissan LEAF?

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Old Nissan LEAF vs New Nissan LEAF

Comparing Nissan’s LEAFs

First launched in America in 2010 and 2013 in South Africa, the iconic Nissan LEAF hatchback became the world’s best-selling electric car but how does the new one compare?

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Nissan Re-Leaf Delivers Power When It’s Needed Most

Posted by on 27 Nov 2020 under General, Nissan Leaf, Nissan News

Nissan RE-LEAF

Nissan’s LEAF Provides ReLEAFMillion-Miler Navara

Nissan has introduced a concept disaster response electric vehicle which they’ve aptly named, the Nissan Re-Leaf. Based on the ever-popular Nissan LEAF, this EV was specially designed to deliver mobile electricity to a disaster zone and packs a serious punch. Whether it’s a natural disaster, unplanned power outage or extended load shedding, the Nissan Re-Leaf prototype can help save lives by powering essential equipment.

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Experience The Power Of Electric Cars With Nissan

Posted by on 28 Sep 2020 under Nissan Ariya, Nissan Intelligent Mobility, Nissan Leaf, Nissan News

Nissan Pavilion Cafe

Nissan Pavilion Houses New Innovations Wih Electric Vehicles

Nissan has been leading the way in electric car technology for some time and now, they are offering even more value. Customers can pay for parking with electricity when visiting the Nissan Pavilion, an event that showcases the power of EVs and mobility technology.

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Nissan Turns A New LEAF

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Nissan LEAF

2020 Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s iconic best-selling LEAF turns ten this year. And some say a car launched in 2010 is passed it, and in spite of all the updates and upgrades through the years, it is an autumn LEAF that has to fall.

Not so, said Nissan. This is a spring LEAF, new to the season and full of life. The 2020 Nissan LEAF has just budded in the big Northern Hemisphere markets. Although not here yet, we can at least look at what has changed.

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Nissan Leaf Replicates Engine Noise To Help Babies Nap

Posted by on 14 Apr 2020 under General, Nissan Leaf

Nissan Dream Drive Frequency

Nissan’s Dream Drive Frequency Helps Babies Sleep

It’s not uncommon that babies and young children fall asleep during car journeys but is it the same for electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf? Contrary to what many believe, it’s the engine noise in cars that make them sleep and not the actual movement.

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