Award-Winning Irish Nissan Campaign Lauds The New Micra

Posted by on 12 Oct 2018 under General, New Nissan Launches, Nissan Micra

Orange & Black Nissan Micra

Fiesty New Nissan Micra

The reimagined Nissan Micra has inspired a variety of exciting regional advertising campaigns around the globe since its release in 2017. The latest of these to receive acclaim is the Irish campaign that was conceptualised and executed by the talented team at Dublin-based creative agency In the Company of Huskies.

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Nissan Micra Active: More Bang For Your Buck

Posted by on 16 Jan 2018 under Nissan Micra

Get More Bang For Your Buck with the New Nissan Micra Active

Get More Bang For Your Buck with the New Nissan Micra Active

The title says it all when it comes to the 2018 Nissan Micra Active. No-one expects impressive performance stats in terms of top speed or 0-100 but it does offer many other valuable features.

Launched in 2004, the first Micra was a popular budget friendly option for cost-conscious consumers and not much has changed since then. Although the second-generation Nissan Micra, launched in 2011, cruised under the radar compared to VW Polo Vivo and Toyota’s Etios, it still offered great value for money.

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There’s a Shiny New Micra in the Nissan Stable

Posted by on 15 Aug 2017 under Nissan Micra

Meet the Nissan Micra Active

Meet the Nissan Micra Active

Nissan Micra fans, assemble! There’s a fresh new face in the Nissan stable and it’s a zippy city-slicker that comes with plenty of bells and whistles to customise your ride. Here’s the skinny on the updated Micra and what you expect when you get behind the wheel.

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Should I Get a Nissan Micra as My First Car?

Posted by on 23 May 2017 under Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra – The Perfect First Car

Buying your first car is an important step in anyone’s life. It generally marks our first step into adult responsibility and it is our first true adventure into the great unknown world of independence. So, it comes as no great surprise to anyone that one of the questions that is asked most frequently of all motor dealers is – Should I get X Brand and Y Model as my first car? Well we posed this question to our Group 1 Nissan Sales team, with the only thing being added being the make and model of the car (which was the 2017 Nissan Micra). Unanimously the answers came back as a resounding YES! Out of all of the responses we got, three stood out the most due to them being repeated the most often. They were the following:

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Nissan break new ground with the newly reimagined Micra Gen5

Posted by on 12 Oct 2016 under Nissan Micra

The New Nissan Micra Gen5

The 2016 Paris Motor Show in September saw the unveiling on the all new Nissan Micra Gen5. Totally redesigned, this model is a reinvention of the Micra all together. It is as bold as it is groundbreaking. Its design is edgy and eye catching, the highly advanced technology, and new innovative engine and body design make it leader in its class. It looks to cause quite a stir on the streets when it is launched in Europe.

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The Nissan Micra: More than Just a Small Car

Posted by on 27 Nov 2015 under Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra - A Small Car with More to Offer

The Nissan Micra – A Small Car with More to Offer

When it comes to city driving, you can’t beat a small car. But when you are weaving through traffic in Joburg, trying to find parking in Durban, or simply trying to find your way through the maze of one ways in Cape Town, you want more than a small car: you want a small car that is comfortable, stylish and most importantly, highly affordable. Meet the Nissan Micra – more than just a small car!

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Why a Nissan Micra is Good News for Mom but Not a Mobster

Posted by on 23 Sep 2015 under Nissan Micra

Both Moms and Mobsters are always looking to find a better car for the family, but they obviously have some very different needs and ideas when it comes to buying a new car. We take a look at the Nissan Micra and see whether it is good for the family or the famiglia.

Why a Nissan Micra is Good News for Mom but Not a Mobster

Why a Nissan Micra is Good News for Mom but Not a Mobster

If we have learnt one thing from The Godfather, it is that keeping the family happy is important. While the kids might love the backseat of the Micra with its comfortable seating, you might not want to have a huge pile of wiseguys trying to crowd into it. But even if you had to, you know that there is enough space. The same goes for the boot. The Nissan Micra has more than enough space for your shopping and even for the luggage when you go on holiday, and if you are looking to keep some less than friendly competitor in it for a few hours you might find that they are going to be comfortable – not something that your average mobster is hoping for.

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The Nissan Micra Shows its Racing Cred in Canada

Posted by on 05 Feb 2015 under Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra might be a one of the most affordable cars on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be slow and boring! Over in Canada the Nissan team there have created the first ever Nissan Micra Cup in Quebec.

This one of a kind racing series promises to show off the other side of the Micra by allowing lucky drivers to take to the tack in a race ready Nissan Micra and burning some serious rubber.

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A New European Nissan Micra TV Campaign Launches

Posted by on 28 Nov 2013 under Nissan Micra

And it is a goodie! Nissan Europe has just released a new Nissan Micra TV campaign and you can catch all of the latest TV ad’s right here on our blog. They are funny, irreverent and poke fun at modern life, but don’t just take our word for it… Watch them and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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The city belongs to a Nissan Micra

Posted by on 12 Jul 2013 under Nissan Micra

For more than 30 years Nissan’s top-selling supermini car has become the preferred means of personal transport for over 6 million Micra fans around the globe. In fact, thanks to its famously low petrol consumption, legendary maneuverability and now its dynamic new design, the Micra has earned its place in the hearts of all Nissan aficionados.

To showcase the Micra in Europe, and highlight its urban agility, Nissan invited some of the world’s top motoring journalists to an international press launch of the new model in Bratislava. The aim of which was to get them into the spirit of driving the Micra as part of the Micra City Challenge. This specially created urban course was built with tight and twisty cone-strewn obstacles that replicated the worst a typical urban environment could throw at the car. The result? It gave the journalists the chance to experience the Micra’s class-leading turning circle (just 9.3m), excellent visibility and perfectly weighted controls. In a word it was a SUCCESS!

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