A New European Nissan Micra TV Campaign Launches

Posted by on 28 Nov 2013 under Nissan Micra

And it is a goodie! Nissan Europe has just released a new Nissan Micra TV campaign and you can catch all of the latest TV ad’s right here on our blog. They are funny, irreverent and poke fun at modern life, but don’t just take our word for it… Watch them and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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The city belongs to a Nissan Micra

Posted by on 12 Jul 2013 under Nissan Micra

For more than 30 years Nissan’s top-selling supermini car has become the preferred means of personal transport for over 6 million Micra fans around the globe. In fact, thanks to its famously low petrol consumption, legendary maneuverability and now its dynamic new design, the Micra has earned its place in the hearts of all Nissan aficionados.

To showcase the Micra in Europe, and highlight its urban agility, Nissan invited some of the world’s top motoring journalists to an international press launch of the new model in Bratislava. The aim of which was to get them into the spirit of driving the Micra as part of the Micra City Challenge. This specially created urban course was built with tight and twisty cone-strewn obstacles that replicated the worst a typical urban environment could throw at the car. The result? It gave the journalists the chance to experience the Micra’s class-leading turning circle (just 9.3m), excellent visibility and perfectly weighted controls. In a word it was a SUCCESS!

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Watch Our Group 1 Nissan Micra Ad

Posted by on 30 Mar 2013 under Nissan Micra

We recently launched a new YouTube campaign to highlight not only our amazing Nissan vehicles, such as the Micra, but also our awesome prices. Go take a look below.

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