In Africa by Africans for Africa – Nissan and AfCFTA

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Nissan Motor Corporation Logo

Nissan and AfCFTA partner up for new African initiative

Nissan has long recognized the promise of the enormous African car market. Now it seems the Japanese carmaker sees this potential being realised. Nissan has just streamlined its dispersed African arm into a single region – Nissan Africa. Operations, development and management will be based in Africa and operate on a continent-level scale.

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The Nissan NP200 – The Champion of Fleet Vehicles!

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Nissan NP200 – The perfect fleet vehicle

What epitomises the perfect fleet vehicle? Is it affordability and versatility? Or maybe it is how tough the vehicle is is? In our opinion it is all of these things (and a whole lot more), which is why we think that Nissan has created the perfect fleet vehicle in the NP200 pickup. But don’t simply take our word for it at face value, and let’s take a look at exactly what it is that makes us think the NP200 Bakkie is the perfect addition to your fleet…

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Chill Out in the NP200 ICE Half-Tonne Bakkie

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Nissan NP200 – ICE Special Edition

If you’re the type of person who likes to work hard and play hard, then we have just the vehicle for you – The Nissan NP200 ICE Special Edition! Combining the well-known go-anywhere ruggedness of Nissan bakkies and the devastatingly good looks of a limited edition redesign, this is the half-tonne bakkie with a whole lot of heart and a multitude of attitude.

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Be Cool this Summer in the New Nissan NP200 ICE

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The New Nissan NP200 ICE Special Edition

Just when you thought you could not improve on perfection, Nissan have once again shown themselves to be constantly moving forward and breaking new boundaries with the new Nissan NP200 ICE. Like the original NP200, the NP200 ICE has all the character and charisma of one of South Africa’s toughest workhorses. Built to get the job done, the NP200 and NP200 ICE are both reliable, hardworking and a pleasure to drive.

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Nissan NP200 is One of SA’s Top Selling Vehicles!

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Nissan NP200 is One of SA’s Top Selling Vehicles!

The Nissan NP200 Makes Best Selling Vehicle List

The totals have been counted and the results are in and it looks like 2015 was a big year for South African bakkies and cars alike. Many of the expected brands are there, but there were still a few surprises for car lovers across the country, as the previous (2014) winner was pushed down the list to number 10 overall. For us at Group 1 Nissan the news was exceptionally good thanks to the fact that both the Nissan NP200 1.6 base model and the Nissan NP200 1.6 a/c made the final top 10 list. For a look at the complete list please carry on reading below:

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The Best Blackout Ever : Meet the Nissan NP200 Stealth

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Last year the Nissan NP200 got Loaded with a special edition that blew our minds, and this year it seems as though Nissan has broken all sense of sanity and brought us the hottest looking NP200 ever! Meet the Nissan NP200 Stealth Special Edition.

The Nissan NP200 Stealth with a gloss-finish nudge bar and colour coded radiator grille

The Nissan NP200 Stealth with a gloss-finish nudge bar and colour coded radiator grille

Imaging crossing a F-117 Nighthawk with a NP200 and this is what you get: A fearless brute that looks as if it was about to invade any minute. This definitely isn’t your dad’s car!

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Nissan NP200 Is Safer Than Ever Before!

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NP200 Bakkie

The Nissan NP200 Bakkie

Nissan’s popular South African built NP200 bakkie (and spiritual successor to the popular 1400 range) has received a safety upgrade that now makes it the safest compact bakkie in the country. Launched back in 2008 to great fanfare, the NP200 impressed Nissan fans with its 800kg load capacity, spritely engine and zippy attitude. However, a few people had an issue with the absence of comprehensive crash protection on the entry-level models. This has all changed however, with the extension of Nissan’s comfort and safety features program into the NP200’s entire range back in 2011.

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