Nissan Makes Le Mans History!

Posted by on 16 Jun 2014 under Nissan ZEOD

While Nissan is planning that their ZEOD RC will be the first vehicle to complete a lap at Le Mans 2014 using only electric power, they have already began setting records by being the first car to run at Le Mans with no rear view mirrors and the first electric car to reach 300 km/h at Le Mans.


The Nissan ZEOD RC is an amazing advancement in racing technology

The ZEOD RC has already broken several records in the run up to Le Mans 2014.

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Nissan’s ZEOD RC Controller Looks Out of this World

Posted by on 28 May 2014 under Nissan ZEOD

Ok, so it is a steering wheel, not a PS4 controller. But it sure looks like it would be at home in front of the tv while you play your favorite racing games!

I wonder if you can play Pokemon on the ZEOD controller?

The ZEOD controller looks more like a PlayStation controller…

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