Datsun’s back in South Africa!

After an absence of almost three decades, one of South Africa’s most loved vehicle brands is returning! Datsun, which was the number one selling brand in South Africa between 1976 and 1978, will be launching their new Datsun GO aimed at what Datsun has termed the ‘Risers’.

Priced at under R100 000, the GO is going to fly off the shelves!

The Datsun GO

These Risers are people who are on the go the whole time and are looking for the best value vehicle with plenty of style, comfort and accessibility. Desmond Fenner, Head of Datsun South Africa has stated that: ”

“We believe our riser customers are doing a lot to be even more successful and break through in life. In South Africa, dreams, accessibility and trust translate into working hard, having a thirst for growth and living life as an adventure without losing sight of the community or your roots.”

Datsun is hoping that by appealing to the younger emerging Risers they will be able to tap into the 30% of South Africans that are under 30 and looking for a great value car. While it is not clear what the specs of the South African GO will be, we can expect something similar to the Indian version which had a 1198cc engine that produced 68kW and 106Nm with a fuel efficiency of around 20km per litre.

While the Datsun GO has already been launched in India, Indonesia and Russia, South Africans are especially excited about the GO as it is expected to be priced at under a R100 000. The Group 1 family will be expanding to include Datsun when it is released in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Take a look at the new GO here:

You can also watch the official return video here:

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