Datsun’s Back! Alright!

On the 19th of March 2014, the first 21st century Datsuns will be delivered to their new owners in India. The new Datsun GO will be taking to the roads exactly 100 years after the the launch of the first Datsun in Japan.

The New Datsun Go:

From 1914 until it was rebranded as Nissan in the USA in 1981, Datsun sold over 20 million vehicles in 190 countries. Now Nissan has announced the Datsun brand will be joining Infinity in the Nissan family.

Nissan is aiming the new Datsun GO at what it terms ‘high-growth markets’ like Indonesia, Russia and South Africa later this year. So, fingers crossed, we will be seeing the GO soon!

History of Datsun:

As you saw in the video, when Datsun was first founded the ‘DAT’ stood for Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi. Today, Datsun is promoting the meaning as ‘Dream, Access and Trust.’ What do you think? Will you still trust a Datsun after all these years?

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