Our First Look at the NEW Datsun

Nissan has revealed sketches of the first Datsun in 30 years as a prelude to the official launch of the next generation Datsun in New Delhi on the 15th of July.

Although it will be at first only sold in India from 2014, it is also to be introduced into developing markets such as Indonesia, Russia and even South Africa at a later as yet unconfirmed date. Keep an eye out on our website however for more Datsun South Africa updates as and when they happen.

The 2014 Datsun Design

Nissan quit using the Datsun brand back in 1981, but has now revived it as a low cost brand for emerging markets. Take a look at the first look image below:

The 2014 Datsun

The five-door 2014 Datsun hatchback is ready to launch…

The sketch shows a five-door hatchback, and if rumors prove to be correct it will probably be powered by the same 1.2 litre petrol engine found in the Micra. The head of Datsun, Mr. Vincent Cobee, had this to say about the impending Datsun launch:

“Datsun will bring competitive products and services, modern and aspirational, while at the same time reassuring, providing superior value and specifically developed for the emerging and ambitious new Middle Class in high-growth markets. The Datsun cars will be locally developed with the support of Nissan Motor engineers and stylists and will be locally produced…”

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