The Pros And Pros Of Servicing Your Datsun Regularly

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Servicing Your Datsun Regularly Has Great Benefits

“Nice wheels,” the ouk with the cash said. “But what happened between 30 – 60 000km?” He then offers you half the asking price.

Nothing cuts your car’s resale value as much as a missed service. Except maybe a flash flood. Yet people hate spending money or even time on servicing their cars. A service is a grudge expense. But why? Think about it.

Firstly it will protect your resale value. Not only does a complete service record show your car has had all the rights things happened at the right times, but it also tells the buyer something about you. It tells them you cared enough about your car to service it, which means you probably took care of how you drove it. The service history is a test of perception, one which you will either pass or fail.

Secondly, it replaces the bits that need to be replaced and check the bits that could at some stage need replacing. Things like engine oil, air or oil filters and sparkplugs will be replaced more regularly, while everything from the tyres to brakes, battery to the lights and wipers will be checked regularly. Some think that garages will make up faults to charge them more. If that is the case, you are at the wrong garage. If you have to book a couple of days in advance, the garage is too busy doing actual work to invent more.

Thirdly, a service can pick up problems before they become serious and/or expensive. A faulty coolant hose is cheap to replace but can ruin your engine if left as is. Ditto, an oil seal. Faulty brakes or worn tyres can lead to an accident.

Finally, it will save you more money than the cost of a service. When your car is new, everything is optimised for peak performance. Over time, however, filters become clogged, sparkplugs lose their spark, tyres wear out or lose their alignment, the cooling system works less well. Not only will these diminish the pleasure of driving your baby, but they will also increase fuel consumption and lighten your wallet. Dirty oil and clogged filters will also make your engine work harder, increasing the rate of wear.

The bottom line is regular service will look after your bottom line. It will save you money as described here. It can prevent serious grief at a later date.

Go and check your service book and note the last service kilometres and date. Your Datsun Go needs a service every 15 000km or 12 months, whichever comes first. If it is getting close, put a reminder in your calendar. Then contact your trusted Datsun Service Centre and book a service.


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