Geneva 2014: Nissan’s Best and Brightest

This year’s Nissan’s offerings at the 85th Geneva Motor Show have highlighted some of the best innovation from Nissan and if this is where Nissan is planning to go in the next decade, we are in for an exciting time with electric cars, revolutionary performance cars and the domination of the crossover.

The most beautiful backside:  GT-R NISMO


While the Nissan LEAF might still be the world’s leading electric vehicle, it is not Nissan’s only electric. The NV200 Combi has already established itself as a fantastic people carrier and the taxi of London. Now, with the introduction of the e-NC200, the NV200’s electric successor, it is also about to become the world’s most economical people carrier! Expect to see the e-NV200 become the electric taxi of London 2015! You can expect many polluted inner cities adopting the e-NV200s as they attempt to cut down on emissions. The e-NV200’s drivetrain will be purely electric and is based on the Nissan LEAF and is targeted at the business owner, but Nissan is expecting large interest from the family market.

The BladeGlider is another one of Nissan’s revolutionary designs that people either love or hate. While we have spoken about the BladeGlider before, this is the first time that it was revealed to the European market. Featuring a unique narrow front-track design, and has a distinctive wing-like shape when viewed from above, the BladeGlider is one of the most unique designs in the Nissan range. Watch out for the BladeGlider’s inspiration, the ZEOD RC Zero Emission on Demand race car, which will be taking part in the 2014 Le Mans 24 hour race later this year.

With the rapid increase in popularity of the crossover over the last few years, it is easy to see why they are set to become one of the most popular classes in the next few years. Building on the success of its predecessor, the all-new Qashqai is definitely one of the major draw cards of the Geneva Motor Show, as it showcases some of Nissan’s latest innovations and practical design features. Look out for its unique Nissan Safety Shield system when it arrives in South Africa in the next few months.

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