Mini Car Wash for Best Finish

Miniature Nissan Car Wash

Miniature Nissan Car Wash

Not long ago we ran a piece on Nissan’s door slamming robot, Rosie. Today, we’re looking at a miniature car wash. Although it doesn’t have a name, with its bright blue bristles and the way it attempts to devour whatever is put in front of it, the folks at Nissan’s Technical Centre should call it Cookie Monster. Like Rosie, Cookie Monster’s only goal is to test the toughness of your car, in this case: the finish of your paint job.

While the one-sixteenth scale model of Nissan’s 370Z is not Cookie Monster’s regular fare, this racey red number goes beyond the call to illustrate the operation of the miniature car wash. It can be seen taking a beating from the abrasive bristles, which whip at the paint job at speeds in excess of 180 revolutions per minute. Water jets assault the little model from all sides. And, because Nissan understands that real-world tests cannot be conducted in a clean-room environment, they add real grit (so-called ‘Arizona test dirt’) to the mix. This introduces a sandpaper quality to the bombardment, consistent with the dust layer on a dirty car being taken to the cleaners.

Needless to say, the little model comes out unscathed and Cookie Monster goes hungry. But that does not mean this mean machine is resigned to its diet. Before being okayed for the manufacturing floor, all proposed paints must pass through Cookie Monster’s determined jaws. By treating one of the special yellow plates (as seen in the video) with a sample of the intended paint mixture, Nissan (and Cookie Monster) can determine how hard-wearing and scratch resistant the finish is.

Especially with the regional water shortages, many South Africans have been forced to make use of automated car washes, which hold special license to re-use recycled car wash-water in their day-to-day operation. If you worry that this second-hand water might contain grit and hard abrasives that could potentially dull or scratch your paint job, worry no further. Nissan and Cookie Monster (which is not actually the name of the mini car wash – relax Jim Henson) have guaranteed you a finish that will last to the finish.

Don’t be a muppet. Invest in a real car. Test drive a Nissan today!

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