Unleash Your Inner Racing Driver in the Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z

Race to the finish line in the legendary Nissan 370Z

Nissan first unleashed its Z series on the world in Japan in 1969. The first car in this series was christened the Nissan Fairlady Z. She was a showstopper! In fact, the Z series proved so popular that nearly 40 years later it’s still going strong. Reimagined and refined, Each generation in the Z series has fulfilled the promise of heart thumping excitement and an adrenalin fuelled rush.

Known and loved for its sleek sexy lines, consistency, performance, sheer pleasure to drive and affordability the Z series has gone from strength to strength and is today one of the most iconic of the Nissan models, in fact it would be more accurate to call this car a legend.

Six generations later, and today we have the Nissan 370Z. First unveiled in 2008 at the Greater LA Auto Show in California, the 370Z was given a complete overhaul to bring it into the new millennium. It was redesigned and the result is the floor-flattening thrill that is the ride you will experience behind the wheel of this expertly engineered sports car.

Available in two variations – the Roadster and the Coupe – the 370Z is the pride and joy of the Nissan racing stable. It is jam packed with power and personality, and is not to be underestimated. The 370Z is powered by the fourth generation VQ V6 3.7 litre engine. It packs a mean punch in the power performance department. With 254kW of power under the hood, you will want to take this car to its limits, and beyond.The engineers at Nissan have increased the power to weight ratio adding a further boost. Nissan has also introduced SynchroRev Match® technology. This is the first time such advanced tech has been used in a production car, and boy oh boy does it make a difference. The SynchroRev Match® creates a smooth shift as you gear down by creating the perfect rpm in the throttle, providing a smooth transfer of power during acceleration.

But it’s not only what’s under the bonnet that makes the 370Z a legend among its peers. Over the years the interior and exterior design have evolved and morphed to keep up with the times. After all, the true test of a legend is its ability to stand the test of time, and the 370Z has most certainly done that. Sleek, graceful, racey, sophisticated and an absolute pleasure to drive, what more could you want from a sports car.

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