Meet the Great Dream Sedan that Nissan Won’t Let You Have

It seems as though the Nissan hits just keep coming with the unveiling of the brand new 2016 Nissan Lannia being unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show. This all new midsize sedan represents a milestone in Nissan’s plan to capture the hearts and minds of millions of the growing youth generation in China.

Met The Great Dream Sedan That Nissan Won’t Let You Have

The Nissan Lannia was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show

Nissan has proudly stated that the new 2016 Nissan Lannia is the first Nissan vehicle that has been specifically developed for the Chinese youth market by Chinese designers and driving enthusiasts. Nissan sees the youth of China as a new generation of trendsetters and technological natives who have grown up in a world of fast paced advances and uncompromising and unique style. By specifically created a vehicle that responds directly to their needs Nissan is hoping to continue to inspire a whole new generation of Nissan lovers. The youth market in China is growing in number and in spending power and by plugging into their desires and aspirations, Nissan is hoping to expand their market share in the hotly contested Chinese market.

The new Nissan Lannia is promised to be sporty and muscular but while still maintaining the flowing and graceful lines that have come to be so central in Nissan’s energetic design language. The Lannia will feature a V-motion grill design and similar boomerang-shaped headlamps as seen on the 2016 Nissan Maxima.

Brace yourself, here comes the bad news: this is going to be a China only vehicle. At the moment there seems to be indication that Nissan has any plans of taking the Lannia worldwide.
So, done here in South Africa, why should we care about the China only Lannia? Simple – because it is the product of Nissan’s concept cars. Drawing heritage from the Lannia and Friend-ME concepts that were debuted in China in 2014 and 2013 respectively, the 2016 Lannia is good news for the rest of the Nissan concept range as it shows how committed Nissan is to bringing their ideas to life. This is even better news for anybody who was blown away by Nissan’s latest concept car, the Nissan Sway. In fact, the Lannia seems to share some of the same design principles and features as the conceptual Nissan Sway.

While Nissan might be focusing their attention on China at the moment, it is only a matter of time before they turn their attention not the world’s next big market: Africa. And who knows what stunning vehicle they will have waiting for us.

What would you like to see in an Africa only vehicle? What do you think is most important to the youth of Africa in a vehicle?

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