Nissan Concept Cars: Coming Soon?

The Detroit Auto show is always a big deal in the car industry and this year was no exception with Nissan formally unveiling three concept cars that are expected to more than likely go into production.

The IDx:


Nissan feels that modern car designs aren’t speaking to youngsters in a way that old models used to – the pin up car posters of the 80s – so they went directly to their target market, the “new digital natives” who were born in the 1990s, and asked them what they wanted out of a car. As a result the IDx looks like a blend of autobot, retro racer and racing games. The IDx was built in collaboration with 100 people and ‘unconsciously’ ended up looking like the Datsun 510. Whether this is a sign of future cross brand linking from Nissan as they put more emphasis on their Datsun brand is unclear at the moment.

Nissan designed two models in the IDx range: the IDx FreeFlow and Nismo. While both of these cars share a similar design, they are definitely aimed at two very different target markets. The FreeFlow is aimed at the entry level sports car range, while the Nismo is, well, it’s a Nismo.

Nissan hasn’t announced which one they are planning on making yet.

Expected: 2016

The Sports Sedan Concept:


Nissan’s new Sports Sedan Concept (SSC) continues Nissan’s move to create more visually appealing cars. The new V-Motion design is bold and aggressive features some really exciting new design aspects such as the ‘boomerang mirrors’.

While some are critical of the engine – the SSC is using the same 300hp V6 that it has been using for a decade – the flowing lines and innovative floating roof are definitely things that we hope to see follow from concept to production.

Expected: 2016

The BladeGlider:


Inspired by the DeltaWing and ZEOD RC le Mans racecars. LIke the IDx, the BladeGlider is aimed once again aimed at the younger buying market, the digital natives. Nissan’s striking new electric vehicle concept has a very love it or hate it look. From the back it looks like a fantastic sportster, from the front… a lego car. Hopefully the production version gives it a bit of a face lift while still keeping the unique design.

Expected: Within five years…

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