Nissan IDx NISMO and IDx Freeflow Updates

We reported on these new look Nissan concept vehicles before, but today we can finally unveil a complete look at the pair of concept cars that have completely broken away from the normal design style of both European and Asian vehicle manufacturers.

The IDx concepts were first introduced to the world at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show are case studies. The first is the IDx Freeflow, which is essentially a lifestyle-focused vision of Nissan’s driving future. The second is the IDx NISMO, an ultra-sporty model that looks as if it came directly from a futuristic Hollywood movie set.

A Vehicle for the Digital Generation

Both the IDx NISMO and the IDx Freeflow are meant to showcase how Nissan is using a new and innovative product development process to appeal to “digital natives” or simply put, the generation born after 1990. They have done this through the use of novel, exciting ideas that actively engage the modern driver.

These unique Nissan vehicles still align with the values and preferences of the Nissan brand, but also show a desire to do something different. Watch the video below to find out how Nissan is changing the future of driving today!

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