Nissan Juke Adventure Concept Tears Up The Tracks

Nissan Juke Adventure Concept

Nissan Juke Adventure Concept

While we don’t see snow in South Africa to the extent that requires a car with tank-like tracks, this Nissan Juke is too good not to write about. It appears to be a mix between a car, a snowmobile and the Mars rover but with epic styling. Based on looks alone, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

The automaker has unveiled the Nissan Juke Adventure at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon. It is one of the quirkiest auto shows which plays host to several weird and wonderful creations from brands around the world. Among a few other interesting ideas, the Nissan Juke Adventure Concept is a certain showstopper.

Anyone who has driven on snow or ice knows the real challenges and one can only imagine the joy of driving on those tracks instead of wheels. According to Nissan, the concept Juke can also easily manage gravel surfaces and almost half a meter of mud. For now, it has to be an imaginary drive since Nissan is not planning on putting it into production in the near future.

Nissan Juke Adventure Concept Features

Looking at the concept car reveals some glaringly obvious modifications making it one of the standouts. It started out as a regular-production Nissan Juke which is no longer sold in the United States but still available in many other global markets.

Nissan made some bold changes which seem to have paid off as the result is a concept car capable of handling nearly anything. The wheel arches, for example, are much wider to keep the tracks safely tucked under the body. They fitted an LED light bar and a utility roof rack providing additional space to carry whatever is needed for a real off-the-grid adventure. Fact is, the roof rack also doubles as a landing pad for drones.

On the front, the lower lights are located on their own grille while the Nissan badge and main front grille are blacked out. Metal covers have been added to protect the headlights from an impact. The Nissan Juke Adventure Concept also gets decals and neon green accents adding to the overall sporty and multi-purpose feel.

While there is limited information about the interior, one would expect it to be fully fitted with all the latest technology and gadgets. Perhaps a reliable GPS and an inclinometer may be a good idea considering what the crossover concept is capable of.

In terms of what’s under the bonnet, sources say it’s a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. It delivers 187 HP with 240 Nm of torque and while it may not sound that impressive, it is more than enough to manage slippery or rough terrain at low speeds.

Thinking Outside The Box

Everything about the Nissan Juke Personalization Adventure concept looks amazing but the biggest drawcard is the snow tracks. It reminds us that it is possible to think outside the box and create something special. Besides the Juke, just look at the Nissan 370Zki which they presented last year. It’s essentially a modified Nissan 370Z sports coupe with a pair of skis instead of wheels.

While the Nissan Juke concept is impressive, it is not entirely unique. In 2017, Nissan showcased the tank-like Rogue Trail Warrior also sporting tracks instead of wheels. Just like the Nissan Juke concept, both of these were built for one purpose and that is to attract attention at motor shows. Neither of the models has been added to Nissan’s regular production model line-up and they probably never will.

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