Get Swayed: Nissan’s New Concept Car Will Change Everything

By now most people are used to the stunning designs that seem to keep pouring out from Nissan’s design studios, but even the most hardened sceptic took a deep breath of amazement when Nissan unveiled their latest game changer at the Geneva Show earlier this month. Meet the Nissan Sway, the compact car that is going to change the entire segment.

The Nissan Sway - A New Concept Car From Nissan

The Nissan Sway – A New Concept Car From Nissan

Nissan has already changed the crossover segment with the Nissan Juke, dominated the market with the Nissan Qashqai, ruled the off-road with the Nissan Navara, and now the Nissan Sway is set to continue this legacy into the compact hatchback.

This next generation of Nissan design is already showing off the new, more fun and elegant design language that Nissan has embraced in many of its up and coming designs. The Sway is the epitome of this language: striking, sporty, and anything but conservative. This fresh take on the compact segment, a traditionally conservative market sector, is desperately needed.

While the Nissan Micra is an amazing affordable car with all the features you would need, it lacks the head-turning ‘phaw!’ that many young car buyers are looking for in a new car. The Nissan Pulsar, while still frustratingly not available in South Africa (we’re working on it don’t worry!), took a step in the right direction with its great new and updated look. But even the Pulsar falls short of the new Sway.

Senior VP and Chief Creative Officer at Nissan, Shiro Nakamura, clearly sets out the goal of the Nissan Sway: “With this new concept car for Geneva, we are experimenting to see how Nissan might be able to bring fresh ideas to the compact hatchback segment.” Granted, the dreaded word concept is still being used to describe this car, but the Juke was also an unlikely concept and look at it now.

The Nissan Sway's Interior

The Nissan Sway’s Interior

So what is actually setting the Nissan Sway apart from the pack? First and foremost through its revolutionary design. The sloping nose, the wide grille grin, the long flowing lights, from the front, the Nissan Sway is already starting to look more like a pocket rocket racer than a compact hatch. Nissan’s designers have taken the flowing lines of the nose and kept them going along the side of the Sway, giving it curves that accentuate the wheel arches and giving it a more sporty look from the side.

Taking a cue from the increasing two toned colour market (the Juke seems to get more flamboyant with each generation) the Sway has accentuated highlights that grab the eye. While Nissan’s concept images haven’t really given us much to go on at the moment, the interior of the Sway look unlike anything currently available. The thin seats and angular design look like they have just come out a sci-fi movie. Once again Nissan has gone for a more evocative colour design inside – the white console might not suit everyone, but it is certainly different and hugely tempting.

Engine wise, Nissan hasn’t released anything yet, but considering the market that is aiming at, expect so see a 1.2 or a 1.4 litre version. While these engines should have enough power for the younger buyer, hopefully a real racer version of this will also emerge at some stage. Another exciting option is that of a hybrid electric petrol system. Time will tell!

Are you Swayed? What do you think of Nissan’s latest concept? Is it a step in the right direction, or is Nissan going too far?

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