Nissan Roars To The Top At 2018 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb

GT-R Armageddon - Nissan is King of the Simola Hill

GT-R Armageddon – Nissan is King of the Simola Hill

There’s nothing quite like roaring engines, squealing tyres, cheering crowds and fast cars. The epitome of this was on display over the weekend as Nissan took to the podium at the 2018 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb. Not only did Nissan leave everyone in their dust; they broke records in multiple categories.

Nissan won the King of the Hill title for road-going saloon and super cars as well as modified saloon cars. It’s the second year running that Nissan speeds away with all the glory. If that wasn’t enough, Nissan entered the first-ever all-electric vehicle into a South Africa motorsport event which resulted in a new B8 Class.

Nissan GT-R Sets The Pace

The winning titles had one thing in common; the Nissan GT-R. Class A featured production supercars where Reghard Roets and his R35 GT-R pulled away despite fierce competition from Jaguar and McLaren. Roets set the fastest time of 44.892 seconds which earned him his second title in as many competitions.

Production Saloons and Supercars Winner: Reghard Roets

Class B featured modified saloon cars and supercars where Wilhelm Baard finished in the event’s fastest time ever. He drove an upgraded version of the BB Motorsport Nissan GT-R that won King of the Hill last year. His final time of 39.463 seconds broke his own 2017 record of 39.892 seconds.

Nissan GT-R Racers: Wilhelm Baard, Martin van Zummeren and Quinsley Sale

Nissan GT-R Racers: Wilhelm Baard, Martin van Zummeren and Quinsley Sale

In some circles, this speed demon is better known as “Armageddon” rumoured to have over 1 300 horsepower. To improve on last year’s event, they added a new widebody aerodynamic kit, a more refined engine management system and several mechanical improvements. All of the changes were certainly justified and proved too much for the competition.

Baard’s winning time also gave him the B2 class title for supercars with a 6-cylinder engine. Adding insult to injury to the rest of the pack, fellow GT-R drivers Martin van Zummeren (40.417 seconds) and Quinsley Sale (41.201 seconds) joined Baard on the podium making it a clean sweep for the Nissan GT-R in the class.

Nissan Racing Car Goes Electric

Although the hand-built NISMO LEAF RC on loan from Japan has the standard 80 kW Nissan LEAF motor, this version features a hand-built carbon fibre body, rear-wheel drive and semi-slick racing tyres. Janus Janse van Rensburg drove the first-ever all-electric racing car and can attest to the impressive performance. The car went even faster as the track warmed up and thanks to Nissan Leaf’s regenerative braking system, used much less charge than one would expect.

The practice run showed a time of 1:02.288 and improved with every run setting a qualifying time of 56.681 seconds. The NISMO LEAF RC ultimately finished the competition in a time of 55.233 seconds and worthy title winners.

With all the accolades in the bag, Nissan is looking forward to the next event with eyes on the podium once again.

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