Nazca lines of Peru, make way for the Nissan GT-R lines of India!

World’s largest outline of a country’s map – A record by Nissan GT-R

Nissan’s GT-R Supercar is no stranger to the record scene and holds (among other titles) the record for the world’s fastest drift, overtopping the previous (2013) record by nearly a third, at 304 kph. This time, Nissan will be featured in Limca (India’s equivalent of the Guinness World Records Book) for drawing the largest ever outline of a country map … with the GT-R’s wheels.

To celebrate the release of the GT-R in India (in December of 2016) and as part of India’s celebration of its 68th Republic Day (observed on the 26th of January), Nissan India tasked renown rally driver, Rahul Kanthraj, to put the GT-R through its paces. Together, the two cut a very fine figure: an outline of India. The record attempt took place on the dry bed of the Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan, chosen for its flat, even terrain and stable, powdery surface.

Preparation for the attempt cost Kanthraj many test laps and involved using GPS waypoints to navigate through the complex pattern. Aerial hover drones and onboard cameras caught the attempt on camera.

The attempt pushed the GT-R to the absolute limits of its power and performance and made a point of its pinpoint handling capabilities. The complex swerves, curves and switchbacks necessary to render an accurate outline of India (a squiggly country, to be sure) would have defeated a lesser pair. Kanthraj made it look easy. The GT-R made it look amazing.

When the dust settled, Kanthraj and his GT-R had drawn a picture three square kilometres wide over a distance of about 14.7km. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this outline of India is a thesaurus entitled “GT-R” which starts with “awesome” and ends with “zuper”. Happy Republic Day, India!

From the air, the attempt looks like nothing so much as the fabled Nazca lines of Peru. Scholars have long disputed the significance of the Nazca lines, most agreeing only that the enormous geoglyphs held some religious significance. The largest of the Nazca figures are approximately 370m long – not a patch on the GT-R’s record attempt. One thing is certain: if future archeologists were ever to wonder after the significance of the Nissan lines of India, they would not be wrong to ascribe them some religious significance.

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