Nissan GT-R V vs Porsche 911 GTS

Perhaps one of the most pre-eminent names in top-end commercial sportscars, the Porsche 911 GTS goes up against the people’s champion: the Nissan GT-R V.

At first glance, these two cars are nothing alike. The Porsche is the pinnacle of sports car sophistication, with a mile-long pedigree behind it. Even when shearing down the tarmac it exudes a sense of serenity and refinement. The GT-R, in contrast, looks like it has some muscle car in its genepool and might take a snap at strangers. Its aggressive scowl and loud engine take a very no-nonsense approach to performance.

So why are these cars being mentioned in the same sentence? Two reasons. For one thing, they run in just about the same price class. For another, they both blast from 0 to 100kph in three seconds flat (with the Porsche lagging by a tenth of a second). This makes them natural enemies. Add to this the fact they are polar opposites in terms of looks and driving-feel and the race is on!

The 3.6 litre, flat-six engine of the Porsche stables 450 show horses, yoked to a 7-speed manual transmission. Its rear-wheel drive and electric power steering makes for a smooth ride in a whisper-quiet carriage. There is no doubting the power or elegance of this machine.

Approaching the concept of speed and power from a completely different angle, the GT-R echews electronics in favor of old school hydraulics. No less than two turbo chargers chomp at the bit of a light and compact V6, 3.8 litre engine. All in all, the GT-R has 545 horses ready to be fired from a 6-speed manual cannon.

The difference between the two cars becomes immediately obvious once one puts one’s foot down. The GT-R turns into a roaring meteor at the slightest invitation, trailing not a single whiff of turbo-lag. The immediate and invigorating engine response comes with an intoxicating rush or control. The superb weight distribution and all-wheel drive system combines to convey the kind of exquisite control enjoyed almost exclusively by NASA pilots.

Of course, this is not to say the Porsche does not deliver comparative performance (if it didn’t we wouldn’t be writing this article). But if you’re going to spend a small fortune on a car whose main attraction is that it goes bloody fast – why would you want to be divorced from this experience? The Nissan GT-R is a bred-in-the-bone speedster and it is most certainly not shy. If you find yourself in the blessed position of buckling-in behind the wheel of one of these broncos (be warned) you’re in for a wild ride!

To see what we’re talking about, book your test drive today. If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie or have an addictive personality, make sure to bring your chequebook with you.

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