Dutch Sports Arena Powered by Nissan Wins Eco Award

Johan Cruijff Arena

Johan Cruijff Arena Is Powered By Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The Johan Cruijff Arena, a prominent international, multi-purpose stadium in Amsterdam, was recently awarded the coveted Eco Award at the prestigious T3 Awards. T3 is one of the foremost lifestyle publications in the UK, and their annual awards seek to showcase trendsetting consumer goods and destinations that are allowing UK citizens to live a smarter, more sustainable life.

So why should the Nissan camp be excited about this? For a very good reason! Nissan Intelligent Mobility helps to fuel that entire stadium. The building’s newly renovated energy storage system, switched on in June of this year, features a combination of 148 Nissan Leaf batteries, 4000+ solar panels and Eaton power conversion units that generates a reliable energy supply for the stadium and allows its visitors and the Dutch public to use it as a circular e-car touch point.

According to Duncan Bell, the Lifestyle editor for the digital version of T3, the stadium was selected as the winner of the Eco Award based on the excellence of the execution of their bold vision. He stated that the combination of reclaimed Nissan LEAF batteries and solar power is a paragon of sustainable thinking and represents a brand-new frontier in terms of engineering.

Managing Director of Nissan Energy, Francisco Carranza stated that the success of the Johan Cruijff Arena project shows that repurposed Nissan e-batteries can be used to support an efficient infrastructure once the life cycle of a vehicle comes to an end. In this, he believes, Nissan is showing the world that the electric ecosystem will be pivotal in transforming the way we drive and live.

The exciting Arena project was the result of an immense team effort that included the talents of sustainability teams at Nissan, the Johan Cruijff Arena, Eaton, BAM, as well as The Mobility House, all in collaboration with Interreg and the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund. The stadium and the neighbourhood in which it is situated falls under the stewardship of the Amsterdam Innovation Arena, which uses it to test new eco-friendly technologies in practice.

What a time to be alive! For more news on developments in the Nissan camp, keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with your closest Nissan dealership to find out more about the inimitable Nissan Leaf and follow us on our social channels for up-to-date info on e-car developments in sunny SA.

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