A Nissan Juke R with a GT-R Nismo Engine? Awesome!

The Nissan Juke R packs an outstanding 358kW, but what would happen if we added more? Nissan plans to do just that by putting in the drivetrain of a GT-R Nismo into the new Juke R Nismo and increase the power to well over 440kW.

A Nissan Juke R with a GT-R Nismo Engine? Awesome!

The Nissan Juke R

The original Nissan Juke R started its life as an idea. A great idea, but an idea nevertheless. As the Nissan Juke demonstrated its unbelievable popularity, the mad engineers at RML were given the go ahead to the drivetrain of a GT-R into the Juke – and immediately a legend was born.

While only a limited number of these monsters were built, they were quickly snapped up by enthusiasts and racers alike looking for a vehicle that not only stood out from the pack, but also left the pack eating its dust.

Now Nissan is taking the Juke R a step further by creating a Juke R Nismo that will see the original Juke R being giving all the perks and upgrades of the Nismo range. The original Juke R had a 0-100km/h of approx 3.7 seconds, and with the new Nismo drivetrain, we can expect that to drop even more!

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While details are not yet available, it is likely that this crossover will feature more than 447kW, which will push it into the ‘supercar beating’ territory and one of the few crossovers in the world that features true racing capability.

Sadly, a vehicle of this power and performance means that it is likely to be unique and at the moment there is no indication that Nissan is planning even a limited release of it as they did with the original Juke R. Nissan is planning to unveil this monster at the end of June 2015 – so we’ll keep you posted on the latest news about this monster as soon as it happens!

What do you think? Would you want to get behind the wheel of this monster? Or are you happy behind the wheel of the standard 2015 Nissan Juke?

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