Nissan’s Flight of Fancy

They prefer to be called UAVs or unassisted aerial vehicles, but you may know of them as drones.
UAVs have been all the rage for the last year, ever since a major online retailer promised same-day
delivery by 2018. But Nissan was way ahead of the curve, with its established gaming drone and the
imminent birth of the Juke twins.

The Return of Luxury

A flying prototype of a rotary-wing drone Photo Source: Nicolas Halftermeyer | Wikimedia

A UAV is an aircraft that can fly autonomously but is remotely controlled at lift-off and landing.
Although you can intervene during the flight, its very purpose is cruise control: following a preset
flight course without a pilot. In the online gaming world, UAVs are common accessories that can be
purchased from a retailer.

The MTC-Nissan Roto-Drone is considered the most reliable in the world of hyperreal gaming. While it is also the plainest, that is what it is coveted for: the absence of frills and fuss, which allows for easy modifications, additions and maintenance.

Buying a virtual drone is much like making an in-app purchase. As a serious gamer, you can invest in
accessories (including accessories for your drone) over and above anything you collect as you work
your way through the game, bolstering your position.

A rotary-wing drone like the Roto-Drone is a lightweight drone, best suited for surveillance and
inspection. A rotary wing uses propellers to lift-off and land vertically, and the number of propellers
depends on the size and shape. The drone can also hover, which enables it to flexibly manoeuvre in
tight spaces and land almost anywhere.

In the real world, drones are dragged down by regulatory and privacy issues that mean it is unlikely
you and I will have the chance to fly one outside of designated spaces or air shows – or the digital
world – any time soon. That said, some are available to amateur enthusiasts (and those who lose or
break their toys).

In the meantime, you can get familiar with a new addition to the Nissan extended family: the crowd-
designed tweak on the Nissan Juke with its ‘twin’,a helicopter-based UAV with a dedicated landing
spot on the Juke’s roof.

The Return of Luxury

The Nissan Juke and a UAV Drone

There are few profile pictures of the as-yet-unnamed redhead and his little sister, but word has it that he will be loaded with innovations. The UAV can be used to monitor the driver’s driving and provide feedback in real-time through screens strategically placed on the dashboard, side-by-side with the same quality of technology that the brand already offers.

In Nissan’s world, UAVs or drones are old news, but that does not mean that they are in the backseat. Every flight of fancy starts on paper or on a computer screen – even sometimes as a game. In the hyperreal world, Nissan’s technology has been tried and tested, and is now ready to make the move
into the real world.

Why not take your own flight of fancy today! The Nissan Juke 1.6L Tekna Turbo is going for only R249 900! Book a test drive now.

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