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A challenge many small cars face is creating a sound system appealing enough for sophisticated music listeners. The Nissan Kicks is no different as sound doesn’t travel far enough in compact space. This issue is further exacerbated by the lack of space necessary to install big subwoofers and speakers all over the vehicle. Not to mention cost as budget cars are typically fitted with budget speakers – until now.

Drowning In A Sea Of Quality Sound

The 2019 Nissan Kicks solves the problem with a sound system that creates a 360-degree panoramic array of sound. This is mostly courtesy of a new technology called Bose UltraNearfield audio. In the driver’s seat are two 2.5-inch neodymium speakers emanating audio from the front speakers and with the new technology, the audio experience is much more immersive as the sound is right next to your ears.

This Bose UltraNearfield audio is engineering genius as you can hear the lower range drums and bass as if it is engulfing you inside the Nissan Kicks. In traditional smaller cars, that sound doesn’t have enough room to travel all that well.

In the Kicks, the speakers use Bose PersonalSpace Virtual Audio Technology to create 360-degree sound by combining the front and side speakers with the UltraNearfield speakers inside the headrest. The results truly speak for themselves as it sounds as if you’re on a stage and the sound is everywhere and not just in the small cabin.

From behind, it the bass and drums seem huskier and it really does feel as though the overall audio experience come at you from every angle. Not to sound overly cliché but that true surround sound is reminiscent of a concert inside the car.

Nissan Kicks Beats The Budget

While the sound system in the new Nissan Kicks is astounding for its class, it doesn’t compare to the high-end luxury cars. It all makes perfect sense though as the Nissan Kicks costs a budget-friendly $18,540 (about R263 000) while the Mercedes-Benz AMG S63 with an incredible sound system is in the region of $169,450 (about R2.4 million). The speakers in high-end cars are reference quality which means that the highs and lows are exceptionally distinct, vibrant and powerful.

What the Nissan Kicks has on offer is the amazing technology that helps the compact car sound better without reference quality speakers. You can control the Bose PersonalSpace setting on Nissan’s dash to increase the sense of immersion from narrow to wide. The more narrow setting results in a very similar sound than that of other Nissan models while the widest setting gives you a much more distinct audio experience without the usual distortion.

What impresses most about this technology advancement is that the possibilities are endless at the point. Components are becoming lighter and smaller which means saving on weight and improving fuel economy. Car manufacturers could just as easily combine the Bose UltraNearfield technology with more speakers above you or at the back of the car. They can even fine-tune the sound to create a more vibrant experience without relying on expensive speakers.

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