Why a Nissan Micra is Good News for Mom but Not a Mobster

Both Moms and Mobsters are always looking to find a better car for the family, but they obviously have some very different needs and ideas when it comes to buying a new car. We take a look at the Nissan Micra and see whether it is good for the family or the famiglia.

Why a Nissan Micra is Good News for Mom but Not a Mobster

Why a Nissan Micra is Good News for Mom but Not a Mobster

If we have learnt one thing from The Godfather, it is that keeping the family happy is important. While the kids might love the backseat of the Micra with its comfortable seating, you might not want to have a huge pile of wiseguys trying to crowd into it. But even if you had to, you know that there is enough space. The same goes for the boot. The Nissan Micra has more than enough space for your shopping and even for the luggage when you go on holiday, and if you are looking to keep some less than friendly competitor in it for a few hours you might find that they are going to be comfortable – not something that your average mobster is hoping for.

But inside space is not the only thing that is important spacewise. When it comes to finding parking, say hello to your little friend! With the Nissan Micra finding a parking spot or navigating the crazy narrow streets in Observatory is a breeze. With a short turning circle and power steering, you will find that the Nissan Micra is great for getting you out of tight spots while the ABS, EBD and brake assist keeps you safe while you are driving.

Helping you keep your family or the famiglia safe is a whole range of safety features such as: Airbags, Headrests to provide comfort and security, High Strength Safety and Crumple Zones, High mounted rear stop lamp and 3 point seatbelts on selected models.

When it comes to looks your Mobster is going to look for something that blends into the scenery, that doesn’t stand out. Not the Nissan Micra obviously. The Nissan Micra just keeps on getting better and better looking with each generation with the current generation starting to share a similar design language to that of the Nissan Juke. With either 14” or 15” Alloys depending on models, expect to be noticed without being suspicious.

While your average goodfella might be wanting to make a speedy getaway or race through the city Gone in 60 Seconds Style, chances are that Mom wouldn’t be too happy. Don’t think that this means that the Nissan Micra is powerless – with 73kW from the 1.5l 5-speed manual, you know that you’ll get where you are going quickly and efficiently. Mom’s love it!

Even to a Mobster the price tag on a Nissan Micra is an offer you can’t refuse. Starting at R1,699pm the Nissan Micra is easily one of the most affordable vehicles on the market. Combine this low price with an amazing fuel efficiency and safety record, one thing that both Mobsters and Moms will agree on: the Nissan Micra is a great car for the family.

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