New Turbocharged Nissan Micra Heading For South Africa

Nissan Micra Gen5

The Turbocharged Nissan Micra Coming to SA

The previous generation Nissan Micra was built to satisfy the growing needs of various countries which compromised it somewhat. However, Nissan has now revealed a few details of their new turbocharged 1,0-litre petrol engine set to debut in South Africa in the next few months. This time it’s a real stunner on the outside and also vastly improved under the bonnet.

Competing more with the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen’s Polo, Nissan’s worldly hatchback has officially become a supermini. While the previous models performed admirably, they weren’t as eye-catching and generally appealed to a more mature audience. That philosophy has gone out the window as the new turbocharged Nissan Micra has been repackaged as a more upmarket version with added power, sportier styling and advanced features.

Nissan Micra Specifications And Performance

All four variants of the current Micra range in South Africa have a 66 kW/140 N.m turbocharged 0,9-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, same as the outgoing Renault Clio. Now, Nissan has really upped the ante with the new Micra 1,0-litre IG-T soon to join the local line-up.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance developed the new powertrain making its debut in the turbocharged Nissan Micra IG-T and possibly also Renault’s fifth-generation Clio. A five-speed manual gearbox drives the front wheels with the new engine generating 74 kW and 160 N.m torque claiming “improved fuel economy”.

Compared to the current 0,9-litre Micra, Nissan says that the new engine offers better engine response with a “smoother” pull-away and improved acceleration in-gear. The Japanese automaker has also claimed additional refinement with the official 0-100 km/h now at 10,9 seconds. Not that this kind of performance should mean much in what’s, essentially, a more budget-friendly family car but it’s pretty impressive considering the engine size.

There are various technical improvements that really set this engine apart including split cooling, electric turbo actuators, bore spray coating on the cylinders, an elastic accessory belt, and a forged steel crankshaft.

Turbocharged Nissan Micra Variants

In Europe, the new engine will also be available with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) but in this configuration, the turbo’s torque output has been reduced to 144 N.m but it still delivers 74 kW.

Nissan has also revealed a new 1,0-litre DIG-T engine generating 86 kW, 180 N.m and an additional 20 N.m on overboost. It comes with a six-speed manual transmission sending all the power to the front wheels. According to Nissan, this engine is completely different and not just a retuned version of the 1,0-litre IG-T. Peak performance is from as low as 1 750 rpm while 0-100 km/h takes just 9,9 seconds.

To further enhance the sportier Nissan Micra, models equipped with the more powerful engine also a 10 mm lower ride height, revised suspension tuning, more responsive steering, chrome exhaust, and great looking 17-inch alloy wheels. With all the added performance and styling, it certainly lives up to the term Nissan used as a “warm hatch”.

Adding to Nissan’s collection is a new N-Sport trim level which has been announced for Europe only. It has a carbon finish on the alloy wheels and side-mirror caps, a gloss-black finish on the front and rear bumpers, N-Sport badging, Alcantara-trimmed seats, a reversing camera, and model-specific floor mats.

At the moment, only the new Nissan Micra 1,0-litre IG-T engine is coming to South Africa but maybe we’ll see the more powerful versions at a later stage. Please follow us on Facebook or read our blogs if you want to remain up to date on all the latest motoring news.

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