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There are good reasons why many consider Australia an acceptable alternative to living in South Africa: it’s punishingly hot; it’s unforgivingly tough; and – most of all – they know the value of a good bakkie. (Even if they do call it a “Ute”.) In fact, some television ads*, shot Down Under, have been used as-is for South African television! When you see this ad for the Nissan Navara, you’re not going to believe it was shot in the Outback and not on the Cape’s Chapman’s Peak…

The ad begins with a road sign South Africans know well: Beware of falling rocks. Which, as comedian Jimmy Carr righty states, might as well read “random accident ahead” for all the help it is. Sure enough, our two intrepid travellers spy the telltale slide of shale that pressages a rockfall. The next moment, boulders the size of outhouses are plopping down.

The Navara makes short work of them. With top of the range Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and a 5-link rear coil suspension loadout the Navara dances around the Damocles missiles without missing a beat.

Our adventurers emerge, unscathed and mightily relieved. So relieved, in fact, they think nothing of the wondering looks they attract from the throng of bystanders. Only once the camera pans out do we see the massive mountain of rock, cowering in the bakkie’s 1 ton bed, unnoticed by the high tensile, fully boxed ladder frame.

The second such ad is even more impressive.

Our Navara owner comes upon a stranded tank crew, coaxing uselessly at their stalled charge. The crew watches, mystified, as the armor plated monster is tethered to the Navara’s tow bar. “Put her in second,” the bakkie owner instructs with a smile, “and be sure to drop the clutch…”

So saying, the Navara lays into the tow rope, bringing every Newton meter of its 450Nm of torque to bear. The tanks bucks, unwilling, but cannot withstand the Navara’s 3.5 ton braked towing capacity. With a noxious puff, the tank concedes defeat and its lazy engine is pulled, sputtering, to life.

Now, we’re not saying you should play chicken with an avalanche or try to bump-start a panzer… but if you’re leaning that way, you’re going to need a Nissan Navara. Test drive one today and see why it is the bakkie that spans the continents.

*Note: Videos discussed in this blog are older versions

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