The New Nissan Navara Is Leading The Pickup Segment

New Nissan Navara PRO-4X'

The new Nissan Navara is going to take SA by storm

The new Nissan Navara was recently revealed on the global stage and now, Nissan South Africa has released more details on its plans for the local market. Aside from having the latest best-in-class technology, the facelifted Nissan Navara also looks stunning with a sense of uncompromising ruggedness accompanied by a stylish, modern design. It certainly tops the contender list to lead the bakkie segment into the future.

Why The Next-Gen Nissan Navara Could Become A Crowd Favourite

Just from the styling alone, the latest Navara should give any off-road enthusiast goosebumps with the first-ever model to get the PRO-4X style package. It’s aimed specifically at adventure seekers and travellers who enjoy the outdoors but without sacrificing comfort, convenience and styling.

Indeed, the Nissan Navara has always been known for good looks and impressive performance but the latest version takes it up a notch. Renowned for its toughness, robust capabilities, reliability and versatility; the next-gen Navara could well be one of the most respected and anticipated bakkies across the Nissan line-up locally and abroad.

The current imported Nissan Navara is manufactured by the Japanese automaker and only available in the top-spec double cab. However, an online press briefing with Nissan SA marketing manager Kabelo Rabotho confirms that the new model will be produced at Nissan’s Rosslyn plant in Gauteng and will feature a single cab petrol option as well.

Nissan SA is also offering two additional powertrains with the current 140kW 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel being joined by a more affordable single-turbo version with 120kW. The single cab Nissan Navara will also be available with a petrol engine with more details to follow.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) Takes The Lead

It’s been confirmed that the new Nissan Navara will be the most advanced earning the title of best-in-class technology. This not only refers to superior levels of comfort and convenience but Intelligent Driving is also available with several driver assistance technologies.

On the list of technology features is Intelligent Forward Collision Warning that monitors sudden movements of two vehicles ahead and the vehicle directly in front. It uses a visual and audible alert to warn drivers of a potential collision at the front.

Then there is Intelligent Emergency Braking that also monitors and warns drivers of any sudden movements in front of the vehicle. Here, it brakes automatically to avoid collisions which could be a particularly handy feature when driving in busy roads.

One of the leading causes of car accidents on long roads is falling asleep behind the wheel. For those long road trips and weekend adventures, Nissan’s Intelligent Driver Alertness supports safety and convenience with visual alerts that will encourage drivers to take regular breaks. This feature will sound an audible alert when it detects changes in driving style or steering behaviour.

Driving at night is often more dangerous than many motorists realise. So, to improve and support visibility and enhanced safety at night, Nissan’s Intelligent High Beam Assist automatically switches headlights to low beam from the high beam when it detects a vehicle ahead. This helps avoid blinding oncoming cars to improve all-around road safety.

Next on the tech list is the Lane Departure Warning System which alerts the driver if they start moving outside their lane without indicating. Drivers can also rely on the Blind Spot Warning feature that will help avoid a potential accident by detecting vehicles in the blind spot when changing lanes.

The new Nissan Navara also gets an Intelligent Around View Monitor which uses four mounted cameras so drivers can more easily see people and cars surrounding and approaching the vehicle. Last, but certainly not least, is the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert which increases visibility when reversing out of a parking spot. It will warn the driver with an audible alert when there is a risk of collision.

According to Marketing Director of Nissan SA, Stefan Haasbroek: “With the new Navara, Nissan once again brings the latest advanced NIM technology that is leading the pickup segment, bringing the best of Japanese technology to ensure enhanced dynamic performance on- and off-road, as well as safety and comfort ushering in a new age of toughness, tech and seamless drives.”

There’s no exact release date yet but Nissan is hard at work building up to the local launch, but you can add yourself to the waiting list to be among the first to get the 2021 Navara.

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