Nissan Celebrates an Electric 70 Years at the Festival of Speed

Every summer, since 1993, Lord and Lady March open up their English country estate in West Sussex, Goodwood House, to petrol heads, speed demons and racing car fundis. What started off as a small gathering over twenty years ago is now an internationally acclaimed event that sells out year after year. Lord March has grown and developed the Festival of Speed over time, and his hands-on approach is a huge contributing factor to its success. His ongoing commitment to growing the Festival of Speed has resulted in participation and support from a wide sector of the motoring community.

A heady mix of speed, celebrities and summer sunshine, the Goodwood Festival of Speed allows motorsport enthusiasts to get up close to some of the world’s fastest, flashiest and most futuristic vehicles out there. But the Festival of Speed is not just about admiring cars on display. The highlight for most visitors has to be watching cars and bikes as they zoom along the Hillclimb track.

To mark 70 years since Nissan released its first electric vehicle, the Tama, Nissan used this event as the perfect platform to showcase the new BladeGlider.

1947 saw the launch of the electric Nissan Tama. Decades ahead of its time, Nissan was not deterred by naysayers. In fact, the Japanese car company was a pioneer in the EV revolution. The Tama was available in two variations – a four seater passenger vehicle and a van. With a range of 65Km on a fully charged battery, it is safe to say that the Tama was ahead of its time. Years later, and after huge innovation and investment, Nissan is now considered one of the leaders in zero-emission technology and e-mobility. “[We] pioneered the EV revolution with the launch of world’s first mass-market 100% electric passenger car – the Nissan LEAF – in 2010,” said a Nissan spokesperson.

So, with all this history it is not surprising that Nissan used the Festival of Speed as the launch pad for the all new BladeGlider, and reinforced the company’s commitment to zero-emission motoring, autonomous drive technology its incredible Intelligent Mobility system.

The three-wheel aerodynamic racer, with its futuristic design and cutting edge technology, was christened the BladeGlider because of its streamlined appearance and the way it appears to quite literally glide as it moves, “thanks to the near-silent performance of its electric powertrain and aerodynamic shape.”

While there is no launch date as of yet for the BladeGlider to hit the showroom floors, Nissan is working on a model that might be seen on racing tracks very soon.

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