Nissan Opens ‘The Box’ Design Studio In Latin America

Nissan Design Studio

Nissan ‘The Box’ Design Studio

Nissan has opened ‘The Box’ in Sao Paulo, its brand new design studio in Brazil. This studio was built as a creative lab where designers will be challenged to develop new mobility solutions to close the gap between Japanese, Latin American, and Brazilian cultures and styles.

The new design studio is part of Nissan Latin America’s expansion strategy as they celebrated five years in April 2018. It is believed that ‘The Box’ will play a vital role in Nissan’s global growth as it will work closely with other design studios in Japan, London, Shanghai and San Diego.

Their motto says it all, “Disruption through Fusion,” where the mission is to combine and translate the various cultures as they continue to develop new Nissan projects in Latin American and globally.

What’s Inside The Box?

The design studio is very much an open plan space as they believe it encourages knowledge sharing and improved collaboration. Inside the studio is a lounge and a creative zone also known as the C-Zone, where the entire team can work together.

In terms of the office interior, the studio’s designers actually created most of it including the stairs and the meeting room table. Nissan designers worked carefully on the interior in an attempt to inspire and connect with nature with a Japanese Zen garden and an Engawa (a strip of non-tatami-matted flooring, usually wood or bamboo that resembles a porch).

According to John Sahs, Nissan’s chief designer for Latin America, “The Box is a key milestone that demonstrates our commitment to secure a sustainable global future. We’re thinking of mobility from a wider perspective that goes far beyond cars. Nissan is developing new technologies worldwide that are also transforming the design and shape of our models. We will work and think inside The Box to create positive and disruptive changes outside the box.”

Nissan’s senior vice president for global design, Alfonso Albaisa, appointed John Anthony Sahs as the brand’s chief designer for Latin America. It was a good decision especially considering he has worked at the Nissan headquarters in Japan for 20 years and brings with him invaluable knowledge and expertise.

The idea is for the design studio to make a difference with its cultural diversity and its larger-than-life manager who can use this diversity and drive Nissan in the right direction. In terms of the Latin American design team, it is a diverse and dynamic group which also includes professional Brazilian designers with international experience.

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