Delivering the Future: The Nissan e-NV200

Need a new cost effective delivery vehicle that is both good looking and reliable? The Nissan e-NV200 could be the electric eco-friendly van for you!

Delivering the Future

While at first glance the e-NV200 might look similar to the Nissan standard NV200, it is actually a hybrid between the global-phenomenon Nissan LEAF and the highly capable NV200, with over 30% of the parts involved being unique to the e-NV200. The end result is a fusion between practicality and eco-friendly electric power that has been extensively tested and proved. Before its launch, Nissan sent some of their pre-production models to some of the largest brands (such as Coca Cola, FedEX, and the Japan Post Office) in Europe and Japan for them to utilize them in practical real world testing and incorporated feedback into their final design..

Visually the e-NV200 shares the same “EV face” as the LEAF as well as a flat underfloor to help reduce drag and increase battery efficiency. In the center of the vehicle’s nose is the EV charging socket which as extensive anti-tampering locks. In accordance with their energy efficiency program, Nissan has fitted the e-NV200 with LED lights on the exterior and interior, and you can expect the equivalent of 80kW from the battery.

Fitting the electric engine into the NV200 has meant that Nissan has increased wheel arches and extended the sill, as well as slightly increasing the overall width. Other than this slight increase the e-NV200 has a similar body size to the NV200. The loading bay of the e-NV200 is 2.04m which can be extended to up to 2.8m if the passenger seat is folded flat, and 1.22m wide at its narrowest, as well as a 770kg loading capacity.

Both the NV200 and the e-NV200 offer the options of twin sliding doors or double side-hinged rear doors to make your vehicle as easy to load or unload as possible whether you want to use it as a passenger transport or a delivery vehicle.

Inside the e-NV200 features a full range of digital technology, ranging from LED instrument panel, multi scrolling display and battery health meter. The e-NV200 also features automatic headlights and wipers, bluetooth and USB connectivity for your smartphone, i-key, rear view camera, CarWings, heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

At present the Nissan e-NV200 is present in two models, namely the light commercial van or a five-seat passenger vehicle. The five-seat option has already seen extensive interest from the taxi industry in Europe and around the world where people are hoping that clean running electric vehicles can help to combat city pollution.

While South Africa is still getting ready for the electric revolution, you can still get the versatile NV200 as a Combi or Light Commercial Vehicle from Group 1 Nissan.

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