The Versatile NV300 & NV200 Electric Campervan

Nissan's New Electric Campervans

Nissan’s New Electric Campervans

Electric vehicles have certainly become a conversation starter around the watercooler and none more so than the Nissan NV300 and NV200. Nissan revealed their new all-electric Nissan e-NV200 campervan at the 2018 Madrid Motor Show and what a head-turner it is. Although currently only available in Spain, the new addition to the Nissan EV family speaks volumes of the automaker’s vision for the future.

Driving electric means saving money on petrol or diesel and still able to travel up to 188 miles (300 km) in city conditions starting with a full charge. No engine tune-ups and oil changes mean saving even more money and time on maintenance.

Compact, versatile and fully equipped with room for up to seven people, the Nissan e-NV200 COMBI is the ideal city vehicle. 100% electric with a new, longer-range 40kWh battery, you save money on running costs and can go even further.

Nissan NV300, NV200 and e-NV200 Camper Versions

The standard NV200, e-NV200 and NV300 start at £15,000, £19,000 and £21,000 respectively. Nissan offers the flexibility of options in terms of campervan conversion cost which means customers can specify what they want. With that in mind, the basic overhaul will set motorists back around £5,300 or €6,000. A fully-loaded campervan for the serious outdoors enthusiasts could fetch considerably more.

Designed with real flair, the campervans feature a large couch that transforms into a bed. Only the Nissan NV300 offers sleeping for four as a second double bed becomes available once the roof is raised. Speaking of which, all the campervans have a raising roof that reportedly provides sufficient room for four people to stand and sit in comfort.

Add-ons to the campervan conversion include fold-out tables, roof tents, roll-up canopies and bike racks. The larger NV300-based model has a fridge, sink, hob and heater to ensure all the creature comforts of home. What more do you need? It’s like a houseboat for the road with zero emissions. For around £100, customers can even specify a shower so that takes care of that.

According to Francesc Corberó, communication director of Nissan Iberia, “The new Nissan Camper range will allow the most adventurous to have a balcony with views of the most incredible places in the world and enjoy the essence of travelling with family or friends”.

For the moment, the electric Nissan campervans are only available in Spain. There is no confirmation whether Nissan plans to offer the campervans elsewhere but we’ll know more in due time.

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