Your Workplace Reimagined – The Nissan NV350 Office Pod

Nissan NV350 Office Pod

The Nissan NV350 Office Pod

Many of us can work from home now. Yaaai!! Great, except now people think ‘home’, so while you are there, can you paint the spare room and take out the garbage and make supper and . . . But working from work isn’t always great either. Imagine working while avoiding both the home and office.

Meet the Nissan NV350 Office Pod – so far only a concept, but with real-world possibilities. The Office Pod is basically a minibus body kitted out as a mobile office. We know the shape here as the Nissan NV350 LCV cargo van and the Nissan NV350 minibus taxi, but the Office Pod is the second cousin of these workhorses. It is rather more closely related to the Nissan Caravan – not sold here – a compact camper van/RV configured for holidays and leisure.

The office pod, in turn, is configured for work, an office on wheels. The back houses a funky desk and ergonomic chair. In case you need to think out the box a bit, the entire desk and chair can slide out the back to create a working stoep. Truly a vroom with a view.

Your computer, the kettle and any other electric equipment will be powered by an inverter, keeping you productive while you dare ESKOM to do its worst.

Speaking of the kettle, you can enjoy your coffee and rusks while reclining on the rooftop lounger, protected from the elements by a foldaway umbrella.

The funky decals on the sides of the vehicle, the see-through floor and chunky steps all shout “razzle-dazzle concept”, and rightly so. But the Office Pod will have real-world applications for specific people. Yes, it will be nice to go and park at the Mouille Point lighthouse and watch the waves as you work, but that is not where the Pod will shine.

In the real world, someone like an architect or building inspector could drive the Nissan Office Pod from site to site, updating progress in a comfortable office. It will be a boon for a rep going from meeting to meeting, turning being early into being productive. Think of a work-from-home soccer mom or dad, taking the kids from school to sport to chess or art, while trying to find the time to do actual work.

One of the surprise revelations of the lockdown was that one could work from home, meet via Zoom and remain highly productive. The Nissan NV350 Office Pod, should it move beyond concept, will expand this productivity by giving it the dimension of mobility.

The Office Pod is just one of the latest innovations by Nissan, a company known for using lateral thinking to improve lives. You can keep up with the latest news by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Facebook.

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