Nissan Patrol – When the Bushveld is in Your Bones

Nissan Patrol 3.0 TD GL 4×4

In South Africa, the bakkie has become the measure of our perseverance and work ethic. The rugged splendour and harsh beauty of our bushveld has, over the years, forced the evolution of a range of apex off-road vehicles. None more so than the Pickup. And now that same indomitable will has suited-, tied- and SUVeed itself up and come to the city. Big city, meet the big Nissan Patrol.

The Nissan Patrol 3.0 TD GL has power bred right into its solid steel bones, with a 3 litre diesel intercooled engine that equals even that of its wild cousin, with 380Nm of torque at a ridiculously low 2000rpms. The Patrol’s 4×4 roots are clearly visible in its variable gear transfer ratio, allowing you to manually adjust to the gradient or density of the road surface. A hub lock engages automatically to ensure you have traction where you need it most but if you enjoy the challenge, you can choose to override it. Wandering off the beaten path is definitely recommended with this SUV.

The Nissan Patrol’s off-roader ancestry also left it with solid front and rear axles that are the equal of any rutted- or debris littered road. The added flexibility of its articulated suspension and the stability of three- and five link coil springs at front and rear axles (respectively) ensures you won’t muss your hair even if you’re climbing a sidewalk in search of a parking space. And with an approach angle of 37° and a breakover angle of 27° “sidewalk” is a relative term.

You may find yourself spending a lot of time searching for a parking space, for no other reason than you don’t want the drive to be over. The interior of the Nissan Patrol is a cocoon of comfort, with a potent air-conditioner, electric front- and rear windows, electric mirrors, multiple power sockets in the front and rear, central storage console and integrated audio. The rich, wood grain finish and soft-touch surfaces make the Nissan Patrol as accommodating inside as it is intimidating outside.

If the bushveld is in your bones but your job is in the city, then the Nissan Patrol is the perfect companion for you. Book a test drive today and SUV-up.

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