A Real Bakkie for the Real World

Live Real with a Nissan Patrol Pickup

When you buy your new bakkie, you’ll most likely buy it from a shiny shop in some urban setting, surrounded by cafés that serve lattes and crêpes. If you’re buying the Nissan Patrol Pickup, it means you know that life isn’t all lattes and crêpes. It means you know life is strong black coffee and a homemade rusk. Want a bakkie that faces our harsh South African lifestyle and terrain head on and spits it in the eye? Read on.

The 3 litre, direct injection diesel engine has redefined the way the off-roading community thinks about “tough”. Nissan has stamped this 4×4 powerhouse of engineering with its own no-quit, direct injection, common rail diesel brand to create a 3.0 litre engine more closely related to a locomotive than a bakkie. While its 110kW of high-end power certainly is more than impressive for its size, the 371Nm of torque it drums up is absolutely ludicrous. Add in the low range transfer case and you’ve stoked the power potential up so high you’ll barely have to touch the accelerator, even on the steepest inclines. Nissan has taken the little engine that could and sent it hurtling up and down mountains without even breaking a sweat.

If you are interested in mountaineering, the Patrol Pickup sports a come-what-may approach angle of 42° and a ground clearance of 226mm which, along with the 2970mm wheelbase, provides an impressive 28° break over angle. This means the Patrol Pickup is as difficult to hang up as its keys are. The 30° departure angle deserves mention only as an afterthought, since with the Patrol Pickup you’ll never have reason to look back.

What goes up (the mountain) must come down. That means having to traverse dry gullies and wet streambeds. With a wading depth of 700mm the Patrol Pickup is safe from hydrolocking but if your idea of fun is fishing without getting out of the car (and why would you want to?) consider the optional snorkel accessory. With three link coil springs in front and full leaf springs in back and Limited Slip Differentials on solid axles the Patrol Pickup is as nimble and surefooted on uneven terrain as any trail horse.

While we’re talking horses, if you live in the real world, you want a workhorse for a bakkie. The Patrol Pickup can shoulder more than a tonne on its own, with power to spare for up to 2500kg yoked to the towbar.

Come brave the cafés and their lattes. Drive away with a Nissan Patrol Pickup today.

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