The Next-Generation Nissan Qashqai Gets A Makeover

2020 Nissan Qashqai

What Will The Next Generation Nissan Qashqai Look Like?

The Nissan Qashqai is a small SUV, a crossover to be more specific, and likely the genesis of all small SUVs. When it first launched more than a decade ago, who could have predicted its tremendous success? Not to mention the sheer number of rivals and imitators it would generate.

There’s no denying that SUVs are popular across the globe but in Europe, the Nissan Qashqai is a symbolic car considering it’s been the best-selling SUV in the region for consecutive years. It lost the title in 2019 but the automaker plans on changing that with the next-generation Nissan Qashqai. However, the launch largely depends on how the coronavirus pandemic will play out.

One of the most popular SUVs is set to change the dynamic in 2020 with the new Nissan Qashqai showing more style, better engines and an interior second to none. While all of this sounds impressive and highly exciting, there is no confirmation yet whether these updates will be available in South Africa.

What To Expect From The 2020 Nissan Qashqai

Although Nissan hasn’t revealed too many details about the 2020 model, we have it on good authority that the design will feature similarities to the IMx concept they introduced in October 2017. Based on the IMx concept reviews, there are several predictions for the future Nissan Qashqai.

The Japanese automaker introduced the IMx concept to reveal the next design language of Nissan SUVs. Although they’ve kept the lid on the car’s cabin design, it could have larger touch instrument panels as seen in the prototype of the Nissan X-Trail (Rogue). In terms of design and space, the new Nissan Qashqai is expected to be similar in size but the development of existing supports could mean more room for passengers.

Among other exciting updates, a big focus is on the engines and rumour has it that diesel probably won’t be an option. Likely, Nissan will only sell the compact crossover with petrol and plug-in hybrid engines while a fully electric version is not yet on the agenda. However, there could be a zero-emissions midsize crossover based on the production version of the 2019 Aryia concept but nothing has been confirmed.

New Nissan Qashqai Design Inspiration

According to the company, the next-generation Nissan Qashqai took some design inspiration from the Nissan Juke but based on the larger screens and interior, it also involves the new Nissan X-Trail / Rogue model.

The larger screens in the next-gen Nissan Qashqai will be a great convenience for drivers and there may even be another digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel. Further evidence indicates that the third generation Nissan Qashqai will have a new modular CMF-C / D platform which is the same infrastructure as in the Nissan X-Trail.

Whenever the new model is launched, in South Africa or abroad, one can expect the same agility and responsiveness with super smooth handling. Safety and security will also be next level thanks to Nissan’s advanced Chassis Control technologies and Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The world premiere was initially scheduled for September 2020 with a public debut at the Paris Motor Show but all will be confirmed at a later date based on what happens with the coronavirus pandemic. If you want to keep updated on any developments with the 2020 Nissan Qashqai, keep following our blog or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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