Crossover to the X-Trail

Nissan is already the undisputed world leader when it comes to crossovers. The Qashqai, the Murano and even the controversial Juke have firmly secured Nissan’s dominance of the crossover market. So what will Nissan do next? Bring out another amazing crossover of course! And this time it is the all-new X-Trail that will be entering Nissan’s crossover market.

The All-New Crossover X-Trail

Ready for a new Adventure?

The X-Trail is already a very successful vehicle and exceptionally popular all over where a reliable 4×4 vehicle is needed, and the new X-Trail aims to take the X-Trail’s legacy a step further by combining its 4×4 credentials with ideas and technologies that were developed for and inspired by Nissan’s other ground-breaking crossover vehicles.

Nissan has stated that the all-new X-Trail has been designed to retain the rugged look of previous models, but also has the sleek flowing lines that give it an elegant and sporty look. High end models will feature standard LED lights as well as a distinctive LED signature strip to ensure that your X-Trail stands out from the pack. We can also expect a powered tailgate as well as a power opening panoramic roof!

Inside the vehicle Nissan has designed the X-Trail from the start to include an optional seven seat format with the interior designed so that all seats have excellent views – perfect for holidays, Kruger National Park and other adventures! Nissan has also ensured that space is used optimally inside the cabin so that all seven seats are comfortable and easily accesable. Digitally Nissan has packed the X-Trail to the brim with great new tech, as well as the latest-generation NissanConnect system that will allow complete smartphone integration and several built in apps to enhance your driving experiences by keeping you connected.

The all-new X-Trail will be powered by a dCi 130 engine that will provide more than enough power while still keeping economy at the forefront even at speed. The X-Trail will be available in a two and four-wheel-drive version.

We are expecting the all-new X-Trail to be launched in South Africa within the next few months so keep an eye on the X-Trail page!

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