Brushing up on the new X-Trail

The New Nissan X-Trail

If you thought the previous model X-trail was a masterpiece, you’re going to flip when you see the new portrait Nissan is painting. As in all things, practice makes perfect, and Nissan elevated their art to a new level when they brushed the X-trail’s third generation on a larger canvas, upscaling it from a small- to a medium sized SUV. We are now looking forward to the big reveal of the fourth rendition of this favoured model.

Nissan’s latest interpretation was released this year in the U.S. under the moniker “Rogue”. The Rogue was sculpted from the same clay as the second generation X-trail and, in fact, the Rogue and the X-trail are sold side-by-side in Mexico. Even though the glaze is still drying on that project, we can sneak a peek under the cover and speculate as to what is in store for our shores.

What we know for certain is that fresh zest and flourish have been brought to the drawing board for the new body. The angled lines of the new headlights draw the attention to the V-shaped grill, which has been sketched with a heavier hand to give the new X-trail a more meditative mien. The rear bumper has been similarly rehashed and shaded into a more pronounced relief than previously seen and the rear lights inked in a darker tint. These components combine to deliver a bolder, more expectant feel to the new X-trail.

As for the technical side of things, Nissan has added several shiny pieces to their collage and the re-imagined model hides a full complement of enhanced features, wired into the nooks and crannies. These include Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Detection and Emergency Autonomous Braking. In short, all the trademarks of style and innovation we’ve come to expect from Nissan.

On the engine front, it is still uncertain which drivetrains will be welded to the new body for South Africa’s consumption. Sparks will fly if South African Nissan connoisseurs don’t get the 1.6 litre turbo petrol engine they are red hot for. But it should not be forgotten that it’s the 1.6 litre diesel engine that has beaten every other cast for fuel economy.

This much anticipated piece of art is expected to grace South African galleries sometime in 2017. Watch this space for more accurate information as it is announced.

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