Star Wars-day ProPILOT Ad

Millennium Falcon inspired Nissan X-Trail

While not featured in the ad, this Millennium Falcon inspired Nissan X-Trail is seriously impressive

Every year, May the 4th is celebrated in our little corner of the galaxy as Star Wars-day. To celebrate the premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Nissan launched an ad featuring the futuristic ProPILOT capabilities of the Nissan X-Trail. In this ad the role of Chewbacca will be played by a Yorkshire Terrier…

The ad opens with a cut scene from the upcoming feature (set to release on the 25th of May 2018): The android, L3-37, is at the wheel of the iconic Millennium Falcon. The giant Chewbacca is riding shotgun. They are taking heavy fire and headed straight into the teeth of two imperial battle cruisers. Chewie’s signature wraaawl! warns of the insufficient room along their planned escape route, between the two stellar behemoths.

“Relax, Big Guy. I’m on it…” and the Falcon zips between the overlapping wings of the cruisers with room to spare. Their pursuers are less skilled and go out in a blaze of plasma and debris.

Cut to the Nissan X-Trail, being piloted down a dark highway. M-0m is at the wheel and Mini-Chewie (possibly a Yorkie or a Wookiee) has the back seat. They begin to overtake two enormous semi trucks, looming on either side. Mini-Chewie barks nervously.

“Relax, Big Guy. I’m on it…” and M-0m engages the Nissan proprietary ProPILOT assist. As if their own personal astromech had just been activated, the Nissan X-Trail plots a course between the approaching semis. The wheel turns beneath M-0m’s hands of its own accord. And they zip between the two land-trains, smooth and steady. There’s a disappointing lack of flames and debris but that, perhaps, was the point.

No, it’s not the force. Nissan’s ProPILOT assist system incorporates front-end cameras and sensors to detect lane markings as well as measure distances between your vehicle and those around it. When switched on, this system will attempt to keep you centered in your lane by autonomously turning the wheel. It also has control of brakes and can stop the vehicle to avoid a collision.

It deserves to be said that ProPILOT assist is not a self-driving technology but merely an aid. It requires the driver to keep their hands on the wheel at all times. If it senses a lack of driver attention it will beep a reprimand and, if the lapse is not rectified, it will pull the car over.

This is not the first time Nissan and Lucas Films have teamed up. In a continuation of the newly minted tradition of giving Nissan vehicles a Star Wars make-over, the X-Trail was recently transformed into a replica Millennium Falcon. Only slightly less impressive that the original.

Experience Star Wars as you never have before. Take your own Nissan to the premier. Book a test drive today and May the 25th be worth you… going to the movies.

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