Nissan’s ZEOD RC Controller Looks Out of this World

Ok, so it is a steering wheel, not a PS4 controller. But it sure looks like it would be at home in front of the tv while you play your favorite racing games!

I wonder if you can play Pokemon on the ZEOD controller?

The ZEOD controller looks more like a PlayStation controller…

Believe it or not however, this is the actual steering wheel that Wolfgang Reip, Lucas Ordóñez and Satoshi Motoyama will be controlling the ZEOD RC during the Le Mans 24 Hours race later in 2014. The steering wheel’s resemblance to a PlayStation controller might not be coincidental – both Wolfgang Reip and Lucas Ordóñez began their racing careers through the GT Academy on the PS3 (Online qualifying on the 6th edition of NISMO’s PlayStation GT Academy through PlayStation’s Gran Turismo®6 game begins on April 21).

The ZEOD RC is unique among racers at the Le Mans as it will be the only Nissan vehicle there that will be aiming to complete laps powered exclusively through its electric engine. The ZEOD RC’s petrol engine will charge the electric engine. You can find out more about the ZEOD RC’s unique and unbelievable engine here.

Watch this video to find out more from Wolfgang Reip about how this unique controller… I mean steering wheel works:

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