Certified Nissan Parts from Group 1
Nissan Parts from Group 1

Certified Nissan Parts Supplier

Here at Group 1 we supply certified Nissan parts as an essential element of the first class service we strive to offer all of our Nissan owners. But did you know that we also provide approved Nissan parts to the public as well?

Nissan Parts and Supplies Direct to the Public

There are many of you Nissan fans out there who like to work on your cars at home, this is why we have cut out the middleman and supply you with genuine approved Nissan parts. This will not only save you money, but will also give you peace of mind as we ensure that you get only true Nissan parts for use at home.

We Only Use Genuine Nissan Parts

Unless otherwise specified, we only ever use genuine Nissan parts when servicing your Nissan vehicle. Even if we do use non Nissan parts (such as when we replace your battery), they will still be approved for use in the Nissan model that you are driving. In fact, our highly trained Nissan vehicle technicians insist on using only Nissan parts at all times. You can go to our Nissan Service page to find out more about our Nissan service team.

Why Use Genuine Nissan Parts?

For starters, you can be confident that all the Nissan parts we supply are 100% genuine – imported from wherever in the world offers the best quality and reliability. This is important as we (and you) get to fit the same dependable components that are fitted to all new Nissan vehicles.

Moreover, all our new Nissan parts are backed-up by the same level of quality control procedures and guarantees that make new and used Nissan vehicles as trusted as they are today. That means you get the best of Nissan parts, whether complete engines, gearboxes or body panels, right through to the smallest consumable Nissan approved parts like spark plugs or lamp bulbs.

Find the genuine new Nissan parts you need today. Call or email one of our parts departments in Kuils River, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch or Uitenhage on:

Kuils River
Tel: 021 900 5200
Email: infok@grp1.co.za

The Glen, Johannesburg
Tel: 011 210 7600
Email: Nissanglen@grp1.co.za

Tel: 021 887 6900
Email: admin1ns@grp1.co.za

Tel: 041 994 1800
Email: info@grp1.co.za

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