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If you need a Company Car for your sales staff, or simply for yourself as a business owner, then you’ve come to the right place. Group 1’s close working relationship with Nissan and its dedication to customer satisfaction means that we always match the right Company Vehicle with the budget and needs of any size business. From individual Company Cars to massive Business Fleets our team of vehicle experts and fleet sales team have decades of experience in delivering quality and Cost-saving Company Cars directly to the business market.

Best Company Car Lineup

The Japanese know how to do many things extremely well and both good business and exceptional car manufacturing are built into the psyche of the country as a whole. This is one of the reasons why Nissan understands what makes up an excellent Company Car and why vehicles which are reliable, powerful and versatile are always going to be able to suit individual businesses needs. Here at Group 1 Nissan, we have an exciting lineup of great quality Japanese vehicles, many of which are available in both new or used Company Vehicle options.

Some of our popular choices for everyday use include Company Cars which are Good for Reps, Small Business LCV’s which are great Delivery Vehicles or Service Provider Vehicles such as those used by plumbers, electricians and even builders. There are even People Carrying Taxi options, all of which we go into a little more detail below:

Buying a Company Car for a Small Business

Cost, efficiency, reliability and versatility are all traits which a small business owner looks for in his vehicles. Thanks to Nissan’s extensive experience in providing business owners with some of the Best Vehicles for Small Businesses in South Africa we are proud to offer you the following impressive range of Cars, Pickups, LCV’s and People Carriers:

Nissan NV350 LCV

The Nissan NV350 LCV is a Light Commercial Vehicle with so much to offer thanks to its impressive cargo space, low running costs and exceptional safety features; all of which make this an excellent delivery vehicle or Small Business Vehicle.

Nissan NV350 Impendulo Taxi

The taxi industry in South Africa plays a large part in the transportation of South Africa’s workforce, and a safe, reliable and economical vehicle is exactly what an owner/driver taxi operators needs. The Nissan NV350 Impendulo Taxi is one such vehicle!

Nissan Micra

A cost-effective way for business representatives or single owner businesses to get around. This urban giant is perfect for city driving and fuel-efficient in even the worst traffic. It’s also packed full of comfort and safety feature while exuding both style and class by the bucketload.

Nissan Micra Active

The Micra Active is a small car with lots going for it. Its proven reliability is legendary and its low running costs help to ensure that a small business does not have to worry about paying big money to get their people or products to where they are needed.

Nissan Almera

Possibly one of the Best Vehicles for Sales Representatives currently sold in South Africa! The Almera is a popular vehicle thanks to its reliable build and fuel frugal engine which come standard in a sensible body design which comes standard with some impressive safety and comfort features.

Nissan Navara

As impressive to look at as it is to drive, the Navara is an iconic workhorse which also doubles up as a great family vehicle over weekends. This is a small business owner’s ultimate type of vehicle as it offers so many business and personal options thanks to its versatility.

Nissan NP300

The tried and tested Nissan NP300 Hardbody has a solid reputation for being one of the greatest vehicle options for builders and people in the construction trade. It’s ample space and rugged design and build set it apart from almost all other vehicles in its class.

Nissan NP200

An urban pickup that is the vehicle of choice for many electricians, plumbers, tilers and builders thanks to its attractive pricing and multiple vehicle options and trim levels. It is also one of the Best Priced Bakkies in South Africa at this time!

Nissan Patrol Pickup

When you want your business to make a solid statement you arrive in a Nissan Patrol Pickup! With a reputation for rugged reliability which is almost unmatched in South Africa, the Patrol Pickup has earned its keep on farms and game reserves across the country.

Purchasing a Company Car for Directors

Company directors are generally used to the finer things in life and these outstanding examples of Nissan engineering provide style, safety and undeniable presence for all who drive them:

Nissan Patrol SUV

The very best Nissan SUV ever built, the comfort levels are better than anything ever seen in a Nissan SUV to date. Safety also plays a big part in the Patrol SUV’s appeal as it comes standard with a suite of next-generation safety features which are unique to the Nissan brand.

Nissan GT-R

The Godzilla of the racetrack and one of the most impressive supercars to be sold in South Africa. These vehicles are built to order and provide an unequalled opportunity to show the world just what you’re made of. This unique vehicle is very much one of our elite sports cars and makes for an eyecatching Company Car for Directors!

Nissan 370Z

The 3.7 litre Nissan VQ V6 engine which powers the 370Z makes for an exciting driving experience which is perfectly suited to the dynamic style of this sports car. Its agile handling and interior comfort are all part and parcel of what makes this one of the most Popular Directors Cars across the globe.

Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai is a Crossover with class and makes a bold statement wherever it goes. It is popular with company directors who like to forgo the flash but still want comfort, style and safety as part of the standard makeup of their vehicle. This is a Crossover SUV which shows quit confidence and a level of reliability which builds trust.

Nissan X-Trail

Our premier SUV which is as good in the city as it is in the bushveld, the X-Trail is perfect for the Company Executive or Director who enjoys both a busy family life as well as an active outdoors one. With multiple model variants and trim levels to choose from this is one Company Car for Directors which will leave them spoilt for choice.

Large Order Discounts Available

We promise to negotiate the best rate for you on large orders, whether you are small or large. Our motto is that your business is always big business to us. We can additionally advise on company car tax benefits where necessary. Visit our fleet sales page for more information on large orders and additional options such as branding as well as Company Car Prices.

Did You Know? All Company Cars in South Africa are subjected to a tax which is based on the retail purchase price of the vehicle. However, a Tax Deduction for Buying a Car for Business can be made by an employer as part of the employees PAYE deductions. Please chat with the finance department of your company to find out more.

Get in Touch with a Sales Manager

We have experience in selling and maintaining the company cars for big brands such as ADT and Brand House. This means we have the expertise to offer application analysis and assess your company’s specific needs accurately. Feel free to contact a sales manager if you require any more information on our Nissan Company Cars.


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