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The Spacious Datsun Go 7 Seater’s a people carrier that’s in its own class

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An impressive rear on the Datsun Go 7 Seater that is sure to turn heads!

Datsun GO+ : The 5+2 Configured Versatile 7 Seater

Meet the Datsun GO+, sometimes referred to as the Datsun GO Plus, the inexpensive compact MPV that seats 7 and is poised to change the way that South African families drive! Built to provide a comfortable and safe journey across the urban streets of Mzansi, the Datsun GO+ offers both young and old families (or simply folks looking for some extra space in their travels) the chance to own an quality affordable MPV.

Datsun GO+ Interior

The inside of the Datsun GO+ is practical and spacious and almost identical in many ways to the Datsun GO LUX Hatchback. In fact, the first two rows of the Datsun GO+ are an exact replica of that of the GO hatchback. But don’t ever think that this is a negative, as the well laid out dashboard, controls, fitments, gearlever and handbrake positioning all work together to create just the right amount of space for the front passenger and driver. The big difference comes at the rear of the Datsun GO+ interior however, as the +2 seats have helped change the GO+ into something very special indeed – South Africa’s first truly affordable people carrier!

Datsun GO+ Styling

The Datsun GO+ looks like a stretched version of the GO hatchback, which should come as no surprise as the two share the same platform. This means that it comes with the stylish ‘D-cut grille’, attractive wrap-around headlamps, good looking bumper housing with three lower air intakes, and a classy front-fascia that would not look out of place on a much more expensive vehicle. In other words, the Datsun GO+ is more than just the sum of its parts, and it most certainly looks as good as it drives.

Datsun GO+ Driving & Handling

The all new Datsun GO+ is surprisingly sprightly for a 1.2 litre engine thanks to its impressive Fuel Injected DOHC 12-Valve 3 Cylinder powerplant. This amazing feat of automotive mechanical engineering puts out an impressive Max Power Output of 50/5000 kW/rpm and delivers a very useful Max Torque of 104/4000 Nm/rpm. This helps to ensure that the GO+ is responsive and fun to drive. All of this is further helped by the robust chassis and mildly tuned suspension of this MPV, which allows the vehicle to perform admirably at low-speeds and deal with all but the most extreme road irregularities with confidence and comfort.

Datsun GO+ Overall Thoughts

In a world that is filled with the mundane, the Datsun GO+ is a breath of fresh air. It is the first truly affordable people carrier in South Africa, and it is in our opinion a ground-breaking vehicle that is sure to become as popular with young families, as it will be with adventures folks looking for an affordable car with plenty of space to carry surfboards, kitesurfing kits, or simply to cart friends around on long road trips into the country.

The Datsun Go 7 Seater Fuel Consumption Information at a glance on the dashboard.

Datsun GO Fuel Consumption*

The Datsun GO+ is quite possibly the most fuel frugal MPV currently available in the country. This is all thanks to the petrol driven DOHC 12-Valve 3 Cylinders Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine that also just happens to be extremely CO₂ Emissions friendly. In fact with fuel consumption figures as low as these, you’ll need to ask yourself, why am I not already driving a Datsun GO+ MPV?

Consumption rates Litres per 100 kms Kilometres per Litre
1.2 5.2 L/100 km 19.23 km/litre

*Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer

Safety & Security

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • ABS
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Front)
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Rear)
  • Two-Point Seat Belt (Rear Central)
  • Child Lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Manual Central Locking


  • Overall Length: 3,995mm
  • Overall Width: 1,635mm
  • Overall Height: 1,490mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,450mm
  • Front Track: 1,440mm
  • Rear Track: 1,445mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 170mm
  • Minimum Turning Radius: 4,6m


  • Red
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Silver
  • White

Frequently Asked Datsun GO+ Questions and Answers

Which Datsun GO Plus 7 seater should I buy?

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The answer to this is simple, either one is an amazingly affordable people carrier – so the choice is ultimately yours! The only major difference between the two model variants is the fact that the Lux trim version comes with LED Daytime Running Lights, Rear Wiper and Rear Washer as well as 14″ Alloy Wheels as standard.

What are the variants of the Datsun GO Plus 7 seater?

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In the Datsun GO range there are two 7-seater Datsun GO+ model variants to choose from, namely the GO+ 7-seater Mid Trim Level and the GO+ 7-seater Lux Trim Level. Please download our full brochure at the top of this page for a full technical breakdown of the differences between these two impressive vehicles.

Which Datsun GO Plus 7 seater model is the best?

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Both the Mid and the Lux GO+ 7-seaters are reliable, affordable and fuel frugal so both are good to own! We however think that the LUX pips the Mid version at the post simply by the fact that for a small increase in price you get a number of additional features. You can make a model comparison when comparing the Mid and Lux model breakdowns at the top of this page.

Which Datsun GO Plus 7 seater should I buy?

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That all depends on you! Both cars are of exceptional quality so you need to decide which version of the Datsun GO+ 7-seater best suits your needs. If you’re not 100% certain then take both for a test drive and make your decision based on that. Chat to one of our friendly Datsun staff to book your test drive today.

What is the top of the range Datsun GO Plus 7 seater?

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The top of the range Datsun GO+ 7-seater is the Lux trim level that comes with additional features such as LED Daytime Running Lights, 14″ Alloy Wheels and a Rear Wiper and Window Washer.

Is the Datsun GO Plus 7 seater a SUV?

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No, it is not a SUV but a Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle, or MPV for short! It is classified as a small family car and it fits in-between the mini MPV and large MPV vehicle sub-segments, but it is a 7-seater, yes.

Is the Datsun GO Plus 7 seater 4wd or Front Wheel Drive?

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The Datsun Go (all model and trim level variants) is a Front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicle!

What are the safety features in the Datsun GO Plus 7 seater?

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The safety features found in the Datsun GO+ 7-seater include a Driver Airbag, a Passenger Airbag, ABS, Front Three-point Seat Belts, Rear Three-point Seat Belts, a Rear Central Two-point Seat Belt, Child Locks, an Immobiliser, Central Locking and Parking Sensors.

What is the boot space of the Datsun GO Plus 7 seater?

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Datsun GO+ has an impressive 347-litres of boot space, if the last row of seat is not in use.

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