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Build Your Own Datsun GO Remix

The Datsun GO Remix might have been a Limited edition release, but now thanks to our Datsun Genuine Accessories, all of which have been developed exclusively to fit Datsun vehicles, you can now build your very own customised version of this unforgettable Datsun GO model variant!

Why Choose Genuine Datsun GO Accessories?

Many of the Datsun GO Accessories which came standard with the Datsun GO Remix are now available to purchase as additional accessories. This means you can either build these additional add ons into your purchase price, or alternatively you can contact our Datsun Aftersales Team to enquire about how we can use Datsun Genuine Accessories to help you Build Your Own Datsun GO Remix! Each one of these accessories has been specifically designed and manufactured for use exclusively with the Datsun GO and not only offer an excellent fit but are also reliable, durable and will not affect your vehicle’s warranty.

How to Build Your Own Datsun Remix

Step 1: Choose Your Accessories

From protection and convenience accessories to personalisation and safety features, we at Group 1 can provide you with a wide range of Datsun accessories which can be used to customise your Datsun to suit your personal lifestyle. These accessories include, but are not limited to:

Boot Chrome Garnish

Add to the stylish aesthetic of your Datsun GO with a boot chrome garnish which will give your vehicle a refined and polished look.

Chrome Exhaust Finishings

A modern look for a modern driver, the chrome exhaust finishings finish off the stylish Datsun GO Remix look you’re aspiring for.

15” Alloy Wheels

The absolute showstopper, the 15-inch alloy wheels are a “must-have” sporty accessory which will have your Datsun sitting on the pedestal it deserves.

Sporty Roof Rails*

Add some flair and a dynamic new look to your Datsun GO, and make it look every inch like a Remix Model with a set of new silver roof rails.

Roof Spoiler

It’s time to get all eyes on you with a roof spoiler which combines both form and function to give your tyres extra grip for better handling while also providing a sporty athletic look.

Door Side Moulding

These black door mouldings will give your GO an SUV like look while also protecting parts of your paintwork against chips and scratches.

*Please note that these roof rails have been designed to enhance the aesthetic look of the vehicle only. They are NOT suitable to apply any kind of load or pull.

Step 2: Have Them Fitted at Group 1

Once you have chosen your accessories we can have them fitted by our expert technicians! This will not only ensure that your vehicle’s safety standards are not compromised, but it will also help ensure that your warranty is not compromised. Remember, always insist on Datsun Genuine Accessories, and always have them fitted at an accredited and approved Datsun fitment and service centre. It’s what you and your Datsun deserve!

Step 3: It’s Play Time!

What are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel of your Personalised Datsun GO and set the city alight with a vehicle which not only shows off your personal style but remixes the way that people will view the Datsun brand. Exciting, stylish and desirable – This Is YOUR Datsun GO Remix Build!

What’s On the Inside of the Datsun GO?

Datsun has reinvented the wheel, thrown away the rulebook and created an affordable city car which is very much inspired on the inside by the Limited Edition Datsun GO Remix! Just take a look at these amazing Interior and Convenience Features:

Can I Build a Datsun GO Remix Interior?

There is absolutely no need to try and recreate the Datsun GO Remix Interior, as the latest generation of Datsun GO vehicles all come standard with the following interior features, many of which were previously only available in the Datsun GO Remix Edition vehicle:

  • Rear Assist Grips
  • Resin Colour Inside Handles
  • Cluster-C Piano Black with Silver Decoration
  • Silver Coloured AC Dial Knob
  • Silver Coloured Shift Knob
  • Silver Coloured Shift Base Ring
  • B&C Pillar Full Trims
  • Front & Rear Seat Integrated Headrests
  • Slide & Reclining Front Seats
  • Full-door Armrest
  • Ergonomically-located Gear Shift Lever
  • Bottle Holders in Front Doors (1.5L)
  • 7” Touchscreen
  • Glove Box with Lid
  • Interior Reading Lamp
  • Speaker Grille in the Front Doors
  • Seat Fabric with Cross Pattern

Datsun GO Remix Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and Convenience, along with an unforgettable style were at the very heart of the Original Remix Edition GO Hatchback. This also played a big part in inspiring the second generation GO’s impressive list of standard comfort and convenience features:

  • Digital Tachometer
  • Drive Computer
  • Low Fuel Warning
  • Trip Meter
  • Electronic Fuel Gauge
  • Gear Shift Guide
  • Follow-Me-Home Headlights
  • Air Conditioner
  • Front & Rear Power Windows
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
  • USB
  • AUX
  • FM
  • Bluetooth
  • 2x Front Speakers (Both Sides, One Each)
  • 12V Accessory Socket

Contact Us About Creating Your Own Datsun GO Remix

You’ve read the Datsun GO Remix Reviews and you’ve scoured the Used Datsun GO Showrooms to find your very own Datsun GO Remix Edition car at just the right GO Remix Price, but why opt for pre-owned when you can build your own new version of it right here at Group 1! Contact us today in Cape Town (Kuils River), Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage or Johannesburg to find out more about how you can Build a Datsun GO Remix yourself and drive off in a personalised edition of a car which offers Best-In-Class Total Cost Of Ownership.


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