Datsun GO vs Nissan Micra – Vehicle Comparison
Datsun GO vs Nissan Micra

Datsun GO vs Nissan Micra

A number of our Group 1 Nissan clients have asked us what the main differences between the Datsun GO and Micra are. To help them, and of course the visitors to this page, we have put a Datsun GO vs Nissan Micra Buyers Comparison together. This will not only allow you to make the correct choice between choosing which of these cars to purchase, but it will also allow you to accurately compare some of the most important differences between the two vehicles.

The Datsun GO

We at Group 1 Nissan really like the Datsun GO and would strongly suggest this vehicle for you if you are a first-time new car owner. It is exceptionally well priced and offers Nissan reliability along with a nameplate that South Africans know and trust. It also has the 100% backing of Nissan South Africa, which means that you as a Datsun GO owner will have the same dealer and service centres access as all Nissan vehicle owners – which is some of the best in the local automotive industry!

The current range of Datsun GO’s are available in 3 variants, namely the A, T and T + Airbag versions, all of which use the same power plant:

1.2L 60kW 104Nm

Go to our Datsun GO page to find out more.

The Nissan Micra

Nissan is a tried, tested and trusted brand in South Africa, so it should not come as a surprise that the Nissan Micra is seen as one of the best quality entry-level vehicles on the market. It is available in 1.2l Visia+ with Audio and 1.5l Tekna variants, both of which offer potential owners a vehicle with cute styling, strong performance, agile handling and outstanding value for money.

The Nissan Micra is available with 2 different power plants in South Africa:

1.2L Petrol 56kW 104Nm
1.5L Petrol 73kW 134Nm

Go to our Nissan Micra page to find out more.

The Datsun GO vs Micra

The Nissan Micra vs Datsun GO comparison was strangely enough not as easy to compile as one would think. This is because both vehicles were designed and built using the same Nissan entry-level vehicle automotive engineering ethos of “build it safe, stylish and affordable!” Because of this when you do a Datsun GO vs Micra comparison both vehicles score the same points for style, function, and form. The only real difference in fact is the price and comfort features levels, with the GO being priced slightly lower and the Micra coming standard with more standard features.

The Datsun GO vs Nissan Micra Comparison

If you would like to experience the difference between the Datsun Go and Nissan Micra for yourself, then please book a test drive of these wonderful vehicles at any one of our Group 1 Nissan showrooms in Kuils River and Stellenbosch. Please feel free to also contact us regarding any Datsun GO vs Nissan Micra comparison questions that you may have.

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